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Tutorial on How to Make a Wedding Collage

Summary of this video:  Wedding collage is always a good way to remember your wedding day. Here helps you to combine your wedding photos into a pretty wedding collage in just one click! You can use it not only for hanging on the wall, but also a magnificent gift for family members. Come on, let’s get started.

A wedding collage is likely be used by us to pull them down off the shelf or to gaze at them on the wall, while remembering that special day. It’s an easy and affordable work that we love to spend time and energy on.

Wedding collage gives you a personalized, beautiful piece of memorabilia of your wedding day that will last for many years to come. Here is the video tutorial demonstrates how to create a photo collage from wedding pictures by means of Photo Collage Maker. Photo Collage Maker is a user-friendly photo collage editor that you can create your artwork quickly with a huge collection of smart tools. See how it works now to create a wedding collage based on a nice built-in template with some custom details to make the whole collage really personal!

Below are the subtitles included in the screen:

1 Download and launch AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker.

2 Select the Grid Collage Wizard among the four entrances.

3 Add the related photos that prepared in computer.

4 Click Next to go on.

5 You can now set the grid count, space and margin of your wedding collage.

6 After that, click Finish, it will automatically help you arrange all your photos in set places

7 Beautiful, isn’t it? Of course, you can replace any photo in the grid as you like.

8 On the left bar, you can also add the frame effect to your photo.

9 Decorate your wedding collage as you like!

10 You can also replace the collage background at will.

11 Adjust your photos to your preferred place.

12 Now, it’s time to add text.

13 Type the words you prefer and select a suitable font and its color.

14 Choose Save Collage As Picture, selecting the save path and the output format.

15 Set the image quality, and click OK again.

16 If you like, you can share your artwork through Facebook now.

17 Besides, you can also print it out directly.

18 What’s more, you can save it as a project, which facilitates to edit next time.

19 All the text and photos can be editable again. Enjoy yourself with the project!

Would you like to try Photo Collage Maker? Download it for free!

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Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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