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YouTube Clip Converter| Free Online YouTube Video Converter

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Jun 28, 2018


How to converter YouTube clip video to the formats you need?

When you have the question like that, what would you do?

I think that the first thing you need to is to find a YouTube clip converter.

But when you search YouTube clip converter, you may be confused that how to choose a right YouTube clip converter.

Most people want a free and safe video converter, I believe that you are one of them.

So today, I will share a free and safe YouTube clip converter with you.

It will help you with converting YouTube video, and more.

How to Choose YouTube Clip Converter?

Before starting my sharing, let’s learn more about how to choose a YouTube clip converter. When you try hard to find a YouTube video converter, you may have the need like: convert YouTube video to MP4 or MP3, it is better when you are allowed to download free YouTube videos.

What else should you consider?

1. Safety.

We know that download videos from YouTube is against YouTube term of use, so there is also a risk of copyright issue, but most video convert service will claim that it is safe to download YouTube videos as long as you use the video only for personal entertainment.

2. File formats and quality.

When you convert YouTube video, you must want an optimum format. So you should consider that can you convert YouTube videos to the best format and quality.

3. Ads-free or not.

I think that an ad-free website will more popular among people. So when you are looking for an online service to download and convert YouTube videos, an ad-free page will give you more comfortable experience.

There are more factors you may care about, everyone has their criterion. You should give the priority to the factor you care most.

How to Convert YouTube Video in the Easiest Way?

When it comes to top YouTube clip converter, there are tons of YouTube converters on the Internet. I am going to share my favorite one with you – Free YouTube Converter.

  Free YouTube Converter

AmoyShare Free YouTube Converter is a free online YouTube to MP3 converter, you can download or convert YouTube video to the formats you need.

YouTube to MP3, MKV, 3GP, WEBM, etc. supported.
YouTube video to MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc. supported.
Download YouTube videos without audio.
No ads, no virus, and plug-ins.

With Free YouTube Converter, you can download and convert YouTube videos easily with just 3 simple steps, next, let’s see the complete guide on how to convert YouTube videos.

Convert YouTube videos to audio like MP3.

How to convert YouTube to video format you need?

Step 1. Search YouTube video by keyword and video link.

On Free YouTube Converter, you can search videos with 2 convenient: type YouTube video name or paste YouTube video URL.

Let’s search YouTube video by video link.

Find the YouTube you want and copy the video link.

  Copy YouTube video link

After that, paste the YouTube video link into the search bar of Free YouTube Converter.

   Search YouTube video

Step 2. Play video before converting YouTube video.

To make sure you got the right video from YouTube, you can play the YouTube video on Free YouTube Converter.

   Play YouTube videos

You can enjoy the best quality video on Free YouTube Converter just like on YouTube.

Step 3. Choose video formats and convert YouTube video.

Free YouTube Converter provides multiple video formats like MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc. if you want more video formats, you can download Free YouTube Converter desktop version – AnyUTube.

   Convert YouTube videos

By the way, if you have the special need like download YouTube videos without audio, Free YouTube Convert also can allow you to do so.

Till now, you already convert YouTube video successfully, did you got it?

Move on.

Convert YouTube videos to audio like MP3.

First, you repeat the step 1 and step 2 above then when you are on the third step, you should choose to download audio which means rip audio from YouTube videos.

   Convert YouTube video audio

Also, multiple audio formats for you to convert YouTube videos.

Now, did you know how to convert YouTube videos?

Free YouTube Convert not only works on the website, you also can use it on your mobile phone like Android and iPhone. Check here to get the Android guide iPhone guide.


So far, we finished the guide of YouTube clip converter for you.

I believe that it is super easy for you to convert YouTube video with Free YouTube Convert.

There are more tips about converting YouTube video on AmoyShare, welcome to get more assistance on the website.

If you have any problem or suggestion, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your time!

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