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MP4 Music Downloader| YouTube to MP4 Free - AnyUTube

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Oct 22, 2018


When it comes to YouTube MP4 music downloader, we’re puzzled.

We know that many options out there, but it’s hard to choose.

The things like ads, virus, redirected page, etc bothers us.

That would be better if we have a choice that was proved right and safe.

Is that hard? Absolutely not, cause the answer is here!

Free YouTube Downloader and AnyTube are the ultimate tool for you!

Keep reading and explore the amazing downloader!

Part 1. YouTube MP4 Music Downloader Online

With online downloader, you can search and download mp4 music easily and fast.

Free YouTube Downloader is an free online music downloader site that enables you to download any music and video from YouTube.

 Free YouTube Downloader

It’s easy to use, you only enter that website and search any YouTube music you want. You can download YouTube in MP3 music or directly download YouTube music video in MP4 offline. Of course, there are more formats more than MP3 and MP4.

How to download YouTube MP4 music with Free YouTube Downloader:

1. Search YouTube music.

Type keyword related to the YouTube music or video like the song name, artists, album and playlist, or just search video with YouTube URL into the search bar, tap the search button and you will get a result list below.

 Free YouTube Downloader

2. Play YouTube MP4 music.

When you tap the search button, they are more than one result shown below (I mean use keyword search, there is only one result by URL searching), so you have to pick that one you need, usually the first one is your target.

  Free YouTube Downloader

3. Download YouTube MP4 video.

Stop playing video and tap the download button and you will have many choices about downloading like format and quality. Download video, download audio and download video without audio are available on Free YouTube Downloader, just choose any function you need.

For video download, you can download 720p, 1080p YouTube video in high quality, download high quality YouTube mp3 music also work perfectly on Free YouTube Downloader.

  Free YouTube Downloader

Part 2. Best MP4 Music Downloader for PC/Mac Users

So, when you can download free YouTube MP4 music video on Free YouTube Downlaoder, for those users that use computer to download music, they also need a convenient tool to download YouTube MP4 music.


AnyUTube is an amazing downloader that everyone should install on their computer. As for YouTube downloader, AnyUTube works perfectly on YouTube video and music download, but it is not only for downloading, also for converting and transferring.

And more features as follows:

1.Download YouTube MP4 Music Playlist

AnyUTube allows you to download YouTube playlist by URL in batch, up to 600+ videos at once. Batch download YouTube to MP3, MP4.

2. Download YouTube Subtitles.

AnyUTube is powerful, download YouTube subtitles can be very easy and fast with the tool. Choose the subtitles in different languages.

How to Download YouTube Music Video with AnyUTube?

With the following easy guide, you can download any YouTube music and video in best quality fast. The step-by-step guide as follows:

1. Search YouTube Music

Type the keyword or paste YouTube video link then tap the search button, then the result shows.


2. Play YouTube MP4 Video.

Tap play button then you can enjoy YouTube video online, or you can click the link beside the video then you can go to YouTube site directly for search videos.


3. Download YouTube MP3 Music or MP4 Video.

When you finished the preview, now you can choose the format for downloading music and video. Download YouTube video in MP4, MKV, 3GP and WebM. Download YouTube music in MP3, M4A, WebM and OGG, etc.


Click the file you want to download then wait a second, you can find the music or video file on library section, you can play on your device or transfer to your mobile phone including your iTunes library.


That’s all the steps to download YouTube MP4 music guide, it is easy, right?


For many YouTube MP4 music downloader on the Internet.

AnyUTube is my favorite for its powerful functions: download YouTube songs and video, download YouTube subtitles so easily and fast.

If you are looking for a YouTube downloader, then AnyUTube is the best choice!

Welcome to use Free YouTube Downloader and AnyUTube and share your experience in the comment below!

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