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MP4 Movies Download App to Download HD MP4 Movies

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Jun 25, 2018

mp4 movies download

How do you spend your free time? I often enjoy watching some classic movies with my family at home. That is how I relax at home. You may be curious where I often get those MP4 movies download. Actually, it’s not that difficult by means of AnyVid. What’s AnyVid? AnyVid is an MP4 movie downloader. It works perfectly both on Windows and Mac. It only takes up to 32MB of your storage. It’s safe and totally ads free. It helps you get rid of annoying pop-ups.

In this post, we would like to share more highlights of this MP4 movie downloader, and detailed illustrate how to download MP4 movies. Now, let’s get started.

Best MP4 Movie Downloader for PC


AnyVid is so far the best MP4 movie downloader I’ve ever used. I have been used it to download movies from YouTube, Dailymotion and more. It’s very easy to get a movie downloaded with it. Now, I’m going to detail how fantastic the app is.

1. It supports HD MP4 movies downloads

AnyVid supports more than 1000 sites HD video downloads, including popular sites like YouTube, Vevo, TED, Dailymotion. Here is a thing needs to be clarified beforehand, HD movies are ranging from 720p, 1080p to 4k. However, if the highest resolution of the original movie is not included HD resolution, then AnyVid can’t help at this point.

2. It provides you 3 ways to get an HD MP4 movies download

With AnyVid, you can download a video in 3 ways. First, paste the target video link into the search bar of AnyVid. Second, enter keywords (movie name, artists name, etc.) into the text box of AnyVid. Third, use the embedded sites to browse any video and save them with 1 click. Put in detail…

Approach 1. Using URL to download MP4 movie from any site

If you already got a movie link, you can simply paste it to AnyVid. AnyVid will help you fetch it in seconds.


Approach 2. Download MP4 movies by entering keywords

AnyVid features a search engine. Therefore, you can also do searching within the app. You can enter any keywords such as movie name, cast members to search for any movie.


Approach 3. Download an MP4 movie with just one-click

The third one is the coolest one. I personally like this function very much. AnyVid owns a function named ‘Discover’, which embedded hundreds of sites. With it, you don’t need to open any other windows but browsing movies and save them with just one-click.


3. It allows you to batch download YouTube playlist

AnyVid not only enables you to download movies but also many other videos, such as TED talks, YouTube videos. Whenever you want to save all videos from a YouTube playlist or just several videos of a playlist, AnyVid can help you deal with it within few clicks.


4. It can be a media converter and cutter

AnyVid is more than an MP4 movie downloader, it can also be counted as a media converter and cutter. As a media converter, it can help you convert any local file to other formats, like MP3, WebM. When it comes to being a media cutter, you can craft any file by entering its start time and end time.


5. It makes manage files easily

AnyVid sorts all your downloads in its Library. Therefore, you can easily find all your downloads in the Library. Besides, you can also manage files like rename or delete them within the app.


How to Download MP4 Movies Safely with AnyVid

AnyVid makes downloading MP4 movies easier for all users. You can download any MP4 videos in 3 steps. AnyVid provides 3 ways for you to download a movie online. This time, I would like to download a movie from YouTube, named Courage to Love (2015). Let’s see how it works.

Step1: Paste the movie link to AnyVid

First, I will need to paste the URL of the movie to AnyVid. By clicking on the search icon, AnyVid will help you fetch the video in seconds.


Step 2: Preview the movie before downloading

In order to avoid downloading a wrong video or defective video, it’s worth taking time to preview the movie.


Step 3: Download the movie with AnyVid

By clicking on ‘Download’, you can now select an output format and quality. Then, the downloaded file can be found in the Library of AnyVid.


Conclusion on HD MP4 Movies Downloader

That’s all for today’s sharing.

If you want to have MP4 movies download, you should never miss AnyVid. AnyVid is a safe and ads free video downloader. It works perfectly on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to download videos from over 1000 MP4 movie download sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion and more. Besides, it also supports YouTube playlists download.

However, if you want to get MP4 movies free download without installation, you can try Free Video Finder. Free Video Finder is an online video downloader with no ads. It works great on both PC and phones (Android & iPhone). It allows you to download free MP4 movies for Android and iPhone.

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