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Personalized Photo Calendars 2017

Last updated: 2016/12/22 | Sarah Pace

Personalized photo calendar is a great way to welcome the New Year. It’s fun, decorative and functional whatever for home or office. At home, a lovely family calendar is a warm reminder of those happy memories. In office, you can keep track of special events so you don’t miss any important dates or appointments. Moreover, a family photo calendar can add a kind of cozy atmosphere to your office.

Photo Calendar 2017

Is it difficult to make a personal calendar? Absolutely not! AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker makes it easy. With a selection of templates, styles and elements, it’s handy to make your own photo calendar uniquely yours. Just 4 steps, you can create a custom calendar!

STEP 1Choose a Calendar Template

AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker offers numerous calendar templates for you. When you open photo collage maker, you’ll have 4 choices. Click on “Create from Template”, browse through the options provided and choose a template you like.

Launch the Program

Choose Template

By default, the size of calendar is 800×600 pixels. You can change the size to fit your design by Collage Panel Setting. If you are a busy guy, we suggest you to make the calendar larger so you can have extra writing space. Please notice that if you choose the “Landscape” edit panel, the horizontal photos will work better. On the contrary, the vertical photos tend to more fit the “Landscpe” panel.

Collage Panel Setting

STEP 2Upload Images

Gather the images for your personalized calendar, once you have the pictures ready, just drag and drop them into the selected template. And you can adjust the size of photos as you need.

Upload Images

STEP 3Personalize Template

You can change every part of the template to best suit your needs. For example, you can edit the content, size, color, font, and alignment of text. Besides, you can change the background, add extra mask and frame to your template.

Change Background

Text Setting

STEP 4Set Date

Click on “Add Calendar” under the Add option, you can delete the calendar object and add the January to the first page on your calendar. You can change the calendar date setting, like whether to show year, month, week number etc. Once you finished the first page of calendar, you follow the same steps as above. After you hammer out all the details, don’t forget to save your artwork on computer.

Date Setting

Quick Tip:

You can personalize important dates on your calendar with practical icons. For example, you can use the icon of cake for birthday, heart for wedding anniversary, clock for appointment etc.

Personalized photo calendar is a unique and easy-to-create gift for family and friends. It only takes a few minutes to create, and you can enjoy it all year long. Add photos and mark special events on your 2017 calendar with AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker now!

Family Photo Calendar 2017

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