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Create New Year Cards with Special Wishes


Summary of this article: After the Christmas holidays, we are excited to welcome the coming new year. Many people choose to hold a party celebrating happy new year with their friends and family. But, what about those friends that can't come to your party. Sending new year card with your special new year wishes can be a good choice. Here just tell you how.

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The New Year of 2016 is coming! Are you ready to welcome it? OK, No matter the answer is yes or no, another year is going towards us. We should prepare ourselves to meet it. New Year is the day that not just marks the beginning of a new calendar year, but represents a new step in our lives, too.

The way people celebrate New Year varies from country to country. Many people will spend the New Year's Eve with their friends or family, gathered at a party with good food and champagne. It’s time to celebrate the end of a twelvemonth and the beginning of a new era. But there is always some pity, that some of your friends can’t come to your party to celebrate the 2016 New Year together with you. So how to greet them in this wonderful night? Sending New Year cards 2016 can be a good choice. When a person receives a card with happy New Year greetings during the New Year, he or she feels blessed and appreciated, for giving New Year card is like wishing the recipient a great year ahead. The New Year and the symbol it represents give people the reason to continue living life's adventures. This is a time to make the best of everything and try to avoid the bad deeds that one has done in the past years. What’s more, by the New Year card, you can freely express your happy New Year greetings to your family or friends in the distance.

With the coming new year, lots of cards with happy New Year wishes are available in the market. Search online, you will find various happy New Year cards 2016. But making New Year card will be most memorable when it is personalized. Selecting a card maker can be one of the ways to create and customize your New Year card with best happy New Year wishes. A card maker such as AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker can help you make the happy New Year cards 2016 with ease and fun.

Below are the free trial buttons of Photo Collage Maker.

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Making your own New Year cards 2016 will help in reminding the recipient that they are being remembered. AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker has not only many New Year cards 2016, but also different tools to personalize the images and text on the New Year card. I believe with this simple tool, you can let your happy New Year greetings be felt even if you are miles apart. The unique card made by yourself will help your friends or family realize that you are still thinking of them. Want to have a try? Just download below project to personalize your own one!

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Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

Below I handpick some happy New Year wishes for you, hope you and your friends or family have a wonderful new year!

1. Happy New Year Wishes for Your Friend
Years come and go but we will remain friends and never be a foe Therefore, before the sun sets down low, I’m wishing you
A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

2. Happy New Year Wishes for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Every New Year wish I have ever made came true when I met you. Thank you sweetheart…Happy New Year, with love.

3. Happy New Year Wishes for Your Family
To my awesome brother: thank you for the fun, and sometimes embarrassing, memories we share. Let’s keep that tradition going in the upcoming year! Happy New Year, with love.

4. Funny Happy New Year Wishes
May your hair, your teeth, your face-lift, your abs and your stocks not fall, and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count and your mortgage interest never rise.

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