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Four Masculine Greeting Card Ideas

greeting card ideas

Summary of this article: Would you like to send male greeting cards for your dad, husband or son, not that girly ones? Would you like your greeting cards design to stand out while expressing your unique style? Here you will find some practical masculine greeting card ideas with free greeting card templates. I believe after reading, you can create your own imaginative greeting cards with unique effects!

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Any ideas for male greeting cards?

I am trying to find on the internet ideas on how to make masculine (male) greeting cards for my husband. Any help would be appreciated.

In some degree, women are sentimental, while men tend to be more rational. They always like something cool. When it comes to greeting cards, few men prefer the cards have bright pastel colors. This kind of greeting cards design is always supposed “girly” for their images are usually those of flowers and cute animals. Even though men will certainly appreciate the gesture when receiving such greeting cards, don’t you think making greeting cards cool and creative can make more sense for them? So how to make a guy truly happy with male greeting cards design?

Here are 4 bursts of inspiration to get you ready to craft your own greeting cards design and say greetings to your favorite people. You can consider some interesting greeting card ideas below if you are still confused about how to make a greeting card for men.

1 Hero theme greeting cards design. It’s one of the male greeting card ideas. You can let him know that he is your hero. In this kind of hero theme card, you can show him how much he means to you and how much you value his efforts to be a good partner, dad, son or friend. If you don’t find a perfectly matching card, of course, you can expand on this theme. But remember, the greeting cards design does not have to be romantic and girly. There are great elegant works with stylized motifs that look terrific and manly.

hero greeting card

2 Sports theme greeting cards design. The sports theme is ideal for greeting cards for guys. You can easily find creative greeting card templates online for almost any sport from basketball to rugby. There are some great artworks printed on cards and depicting athletes and sports victories. These can be quite inspiring. Consider a humorous card with a sports theme. Just make sure that the guy will understand and appreciate the joke or your true feelings.

sports greeting card

3 Hobby theme greeting cards design. Sometimes, you can consider some greeting card templates that depicting the guy's hobby to craft your own special ones. The images of such hobby theme greeting cards can be related to all sorts of hobbies according to the guys’ preference, from chess and fishing to train modelling and hiking. I believe he who receives your cards will be happy to see that.

chef greeting card

Man usually appreciates a card with photos of his loved one or his family. You can order such custom cards, which is really super easy. You can also create them yourself using specifically designed card maker software, such as AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker. Every guy would want to keep such a warm family card crafted by their loved ones on his office desk. The really great thing is that there are various greeting card templates inside card maker to pick from. So just do as you like.

family greeting card

Who doesn’t love the new inspiration for cool greeting card ideas? It’s really such a fun time to send and receive happy greeting cards. Is there really anything better than receiving thoughtfully made greeting cards in your mail? Get start now to sharpen your making greeting cards skills with above cool greeting cards ideas! With various greeting card templates, just a simple card maker, for example, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker can help you quickly achieve that!

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