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Proper Etiquettes for Throwing an Engagement Party

engagement party etiquette

Summary of this article: An engagement party will be held before a wedding ceremony. Some engagement party etiquette should be observed when holding such a party. This article will tell you some proper engagement party etiquette, including engagement party timing and host, gift ideas for engagement party, engagement party invitations and etc. Especially it includes a card maker that can help you customize personalized and heartfelt engagement invitation card.

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Engagement Party [Timing and Host]

Engagement parties are commonly held soon after the couple gets engaged. It's a chance for families to announce the happy news and for relatives and friends to meet and congratulate the couple. Certainly some engagement party etiquette we should notice. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the party and tell all participants about the upcoming nuptials; the announcement is a surprise to the guests. But nowadays, engagements are often not kept as a surprise. The party can occur whenever the hosts prefer. Your future in-laws have made a generous gesture and obviously want to introduce you to their friends and share the news. So you could express your gratitude to them and encourage them to hold the party whenever they like.

Although a couple may be filled with excitement to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with friends and family, it's generally more appropriate for the couple to leave the party in someone else's hands.

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Who Should Be Invited to the Engagement Party?

The other engagement party etiquette is who to invite. Immediate family member, close extended family, and the intimate circle of best friends should receive invitations. This is not the time to invite coworkers you only see at the office.

Everyone you plan to invite in the bridal party should receive an engagement party invitation to the engagement party, unless they are long distance. You may still want to let them know about it, in case they have an opportunity to take an extra trip. This includes bridesmaid and groomsmen.

Whether the engagement party will be big or small, etiquette experts generally agree that individuals should only be invited to the engagement party if they'll also be invited to the wedding.

Engagement Party Invitations Card

When the engagement party is coming, of course, you need to inform your friends and relatives of this news. So, engagement party invitations card is indispensable. The type of invitation card you use will depend mostly on the type of party you're having. If you just want to celebrate it in a simple way and tell everyone you will get married. Just choose more general party invitations.

If you are having particular engagement party themes for your function, then you should pay more attention to your engagement invitation. Making a personalized invitation card, you could pick a photograph for your invitation that has special memories. Whatever you choose for your engagement invitation, you need to make sure that it is unique to you. Here, I recommend you a nice invitation maker – AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, both for Win and Mac. By this invitation card maker, you can customize your unique invitation card that can be shared either by email or printing out. Below is the engagement party invitations template. You can directly download it and try to design your own engagement party invitations card with the AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker.

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Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

[Do's and Don'ts] to Hold the Party

social media banner guide no The bride and groom should be sure to inform their parents about anything they need to know about the other. If one parent is in recovery from alcohol addiction, it needs to be discussed and this person should not be offered a drink. If one is a stark Republican and the other one is a strong Democrat, both should be told that politics are not to be discussed.

social media banner guide yes The right place for the celebration depends on the guest list. According to Syndi Seid, founder of Advanced Etiquette, appropriate venues include a person's home, a restaurant, or a country club.

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Engagement Party [Gift Ideas]

Most of the time, you do not need to bring a gift to an engagement party—but it's more appropriate to do so at some types of events. Couples want your heartfelt congratulations and share their happiness with you. So gift or no gift?

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Here's what you should consider:

The formality, if the invitation is casual (you were invited by text), the celebration will probably be too. In this case, engagement party gift is unnecessary.

If the event is at someone's house or being officially hosted by a VIP (like the parents of the bride), the stakes are a little higher—especially if you receive an invitation by mail. While you still don't have to bring a gift, this is the occasion where you might not want to arrive empty-handed. Find out if the couple has registered, or choose something for their home that they can both enjoy, like candlesticks or a picture frame. No matter what gift you will bring to the newly engaged couple, a congratulations card should be enclosed. Do not underestimate the role of this card, which is more important than your gift. Because it represents your heartfelt congratulations for the new couple, they will fell deep happiness for your congratulation words in the congratulations card. So, making and designing a heartfelt congratulations card is of great necessary. You can choose a hand-made card or you can design a congratulations card with online software. Some online software not only help you customize personalized card but also provide some free engagement party templates for you. Just like the AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker, this saves a lot of time and energy for you. Below is a template of gift card, you can download it and try to use it to design your congratulations card. After downloading, you can change the template’s background, the font, write your wishes, upload images and add some decorations in it.

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Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

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