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Create Wallpapers for Desktop with Your Own Pictures

create desktop wallpaper

Summary of this article: It is the perfect way to jazz up your computer by customizing your computer desktop wallpaper, for it represents your personal feelings. Therefore, it is important to change your desktop wallpaper every once in a while to fit your own current style. Here provides you an easy way to personalize the desktop wallpaper you love. You can design free desktop wallpaper in different sizes and categories.

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Have you ever been tired of the desktop wallpaper searched online? And do you want to personalize your computer by some inspiring desktop wallpaper? Or would you like to change the appearance of your desktop into something fresh and original? If your answer is yes, then read more, I will explain to you more clearly below.

It’s really a fun way to customize our computer by desktop wallpaper, for which represents your own personality. The categories of wallpapers for desktop can be many, such as landscape desktop wallpaper, celebrity desktop wallpaper, and different themes of cartoon desktop wallpaper, etc. Here will show you some sample about wallpapers for desktop.

1. Landscape Free Desktop Wallpaper

Landscape Free Desktop Wallpaper- picture 1

Downdload Large Picture (1920 X 1080)

2. Celebrity Free Desktop Wallpaper

Celebrity Free Desktop Wallpaper - picture 2

Downdload Large Picture (800 X 450)

3. Cartoon Free Desktop Wallpaper

Celebrity Free Desktop Wallpaper – picture 3

Downdload Large Picture (1920 X 1080)

How to Customize Your Own PC Wallpaper?

1. Know Desktop Wallpaper Size

The first step when customize your desktop wallpaper is to know what is the size of your computer monitor screen. The most common desktop resolutions are 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200, etc., which are proportional in a 4:3 ratio. This means that a scaled image will still be in correct shape and full display when blended to other resolutions but might lose its quality. On the other hand, widescreen monitor with 16:9 or 16:10 ratio have different aspect requirements for wallpaper. Standard wallpapers (4:3) can be applied to widescreen monitor without losing its quality but often are cropped when being scaled down. No worry, I will introduce a tool to you below, it can help you crop your wallpaper, setting both its size and image resolution without losing quality.

2. Free Wallpaper Download

Go to any search engine and type "free desktop wallpaper", you could also use the image search function to enhance your results. Find the wallpapers for desktop you like and preserve them on your computer.

3. Utilize a Tool to Personalize Free Wallpaper

There are many free wallpaper downloads online. After download, you can choose one desktop background you like and drag it to a picture editor tool, for example, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker to customize your own one.

With hundreds of templates for any occasion and style plus the ability to add your own photos and words, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker lets you be as creative as you want. What’s more, any size of desktop wallpaper can be achieved by it for it has collage size setting feature. Below is a PC wallpaper done with it, you can take the artwork for reference.

create desktop wallpaper project Download

Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

4. Set Your Wallpaper for Desktop

Locate your PC wallpaper that done with AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker. There are two basic methods to change your desktop background, one is by previewing the image. Right click on the wallpaper and choose "set as desktop background". The other way is that you can open your computer display properties and go to desktop tab, browse to your wallpaper and click OK to set the wallpaper as your computer background.

Would you like to decorate your computer and give it uniqueness by using creative free desktop PC wallpaper? Then download AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker for a free trial below, I believe by your creativity, your friends will be shocked at what amazing desktop you display to them!

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