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Tutorial on How to Create a Baby Shower Card?

Summary of this article:Baby showers are occasions that are cherished by everyone, more so by the mother. It’s a usual to send the baby shower card to guests. Here offers you a simple way to make a baby shower card personalized, color coded, and can be sent out quickly to all who those near and dear to Baby and mommy!

Baby shower is the occasion brings the whole family together and it’s a great time to spend fun moments. It’s a happy moment to celebrate the baby’s arrival with near and dear ones. Mother always cherish this occasion most.

When plans for a baby shower party, one of the most important things on the list is selecting and sending out baby shower invitation cards to invite guests and arranging Thank You cards.

Therefore, it’s important to personalize your baby shower card. Here offers you the way to quickly create your own one.

Create a Baby Shower Card pic Download

Wanna customize your own one? Download and unzip, then open the project by Photo Collage Maker.

Below are the subtitles included in the screen:

1. Create a Nice Baby Shower Invitation Card

2. Launch AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker and Select Create From Template.

3. Choose a baby-related template.

4. Double Click at an arbitrary blank place. A Collage Panel Setting will appear, you can customize the Baby Invitation Card size now.

5. Drag and drop the photos you prepared on computer into the frames.

6. Change a picture frame you prefer.

7. Type any words you prefer. There are plentiful options for rich text editing here.

8. You can change the text color to make the whole Baby Shower Card more vivid.

9. Choose Save Collage AS Picture and then set the output format. After done, you can share it through Facebook.

10. Of course, you can save it as a project to edit next time


Download AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker for free trial now!

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