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Photo Collage Maker for Mac

1. Choose a preset template! When you open the program, the first thing you will see is a menu of all the hundreds of available templates, separated into categories. Choose the template you want to use.

2. Add your pictures from your computer. On the left-hand side, a photo pane is available, that will show all the photos available. You can search through your computer for any other photos. Putting the pictures onto your collage is so easy: just drag and drop the photos into the template wherever the words “Drop Photo Here” are seen!

3. Edit your photo. You can adjust the size of the photo, crop it (change the area of the photo you can see), add a frame, add a mask (to change the shape), or add your own decorations with the clipart options. It’s so easy, and this step can make your collage really special with customized touches.

4. Choose the fonts (if available) for your collage, as well as the specific settings depending on the template. If you’re making a calendar, for example, you can choose the year and whether or not you want to show the weekday names, etc.

5. Save, email, or print! Now you can choose where to save your new picture collage, as well as the file format, OR you can email your photo to anyone you know, OR you can print it. Or, heck, you can do them all! It’s easy to share your new picture collage.