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Spruce Up Photos with a Mac Collage Maker and Photo Editor.

 Mac Collage Maker and Photo Editor

Summary of this article: If you take a lot of photos, it’s pretty likely a few of them aren’t exactly how you want them. Luckily, photo editors have become very easy to use. You can instantly spruce up the color, bounce a photo into black and white or sepia, adjust the size and crop with just a few clicks. Best yet, I’ll be showing you how to use a free photo editor that also allows you to display your photos in awesome collages. Don't let your photos just sit around! Boost them up and put them on display!

Photoshop completely changed the way we interact with our photos. Suddenly it is possible to change nearly all details of a photo you took on any camera or device, even the color of your hair or the position of things within the image. But nobody ever told you how darn difficult it is to really master Photoshop, and how, often, unnecessary a lot of the features are to achieve a good-looking edited result. Not only is Photoshop really hard to use, and hosts a slew of features catering solely to professionals and artists, but it’s also prohibitively expensive. So, naturally, I shied away from using this master tool, and turned my attention to free photo editors available for Mac.

My prayers were answered when I stumbled across an edit photo tool that also allowed me to collage these photos straight from my computer. The free photo editor download comes with a free trial, and after that point it’s extremely affordable, so I wasn’t too worried to download it to my Mac and take it for a whirl.

The software is Photo Collage Maker for Mac by AmoyShare. It’s intuitive to use, and offers just enough features for me to add some sparkle and spice to my photos without bogging me down with too many crazy options. The photo editor download for Mac is fast and no-nonsense, and I was able to get started within a few minutes of visiting their website. The great thing about the software is it automatically scans your hard drive for any photos you have stored on there, so you don’t have to pick through your folders manually—the photos are right there on display for you to select and go hog wild. And of course I loved the ability to choose various templates—collages, calendars, birthday and greeting cards, poster designs, etc—and then edit photo collage from your Mac quickly and easily.

Some of the editing options include a load of gorgeous filters like black and white and various color tints, as well as some more wild options with high saturation of color. Also, cropping, resizing, and framing add something special. If you want more control, you can easily just double click the photo in Photo Collage Maker and any other default photo editor software you have on your Mac will pop up. I was so, completely satisfied, it was hours before I looked up from the computer with a big stack of great newly edited photos! If you think this might be right for you, go ahead and Download this photo editor for Mac for free.

Before you do, though, why don’t I give you a peek how to edit your photos with Photo Collage Maker by AmoyShare for Mac:

  • Step 1: Go to AmoyShare’s website and click on the photo editor free download for Mac. Download Photo Collage Maker, and make sure the photos you want to edit are already somewhere on your hard drive. It’s best if you put the photos in your “Pictures” folder.
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  • Step 2: When you open the software, it will automatically open the list of templates to choose from. I just wanted to feature my photo, so I went for a really simple template.
  • spruce-up-photos-with-a-mac-collage-maker-and-photo-editor-step2

  • Step 3: The template will open up, and you can see all your photos from Pictures folder, Desktop Photos, iPhoto, etc. on the left. Find the photo(s) you want to place, and drag them to the frame to drop them in the template.
  • spruce-up-photos-with-a-mac-collage-maker-and-photo-editor-step3

  • Step 4: Now is the fun part. Edit your photo with the options on the right. You can see above the photo is in its “original” filter. There are dozens of cool filters to try out. In the end, I chose the “Dense” filter that makes the color really pop. IMMEDIATE difference, and my photo looks so much more professional!
  • spruce-up-photos-with-a-mac-collage-maker-and-photo-editor-step4

  • Step 5: Edit anything else in the template! It’s easy to change the frame, the text, the background color, etc.
  • spruce-up-photos-with-a-mac-collage-maker-and-photo-editor-step5

  • Step 6: Enjoy your photo! You can easily share or print your result from the top of the software window.

Enjoy your photo! You can easily share or print your result from the top of the software window.


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