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Make a Photo Collage with Photo Editor For Mac

make collage on mac

Summary of this article: A photo collage sometimes can be a good personal gift to your beloved ones. So facing with so many digital photos, to keep your memory everlasting, you must be confused. While, with a Mac computer and photo editor for Mac, you can create any photo collage from your photo library. It’s really a colorful and interesting process to make collage on Mac. Here is the guide, may you enjoy!

make collage on mac title

Recently, one of my bosom friends told me that if I could give her some inspiration to make a photo collage. It was this: Her boyfriend was moving and she wanted to make him something with their pictures in daily life. She just planned to make collage, something like that, but she couldn’t figure out any awesome ideas. Then she asked if there is any step-by-step guide of a photo collage maker, especially how it works on Mac. She is not proficient with Photoshop, so except this kind of photo collage maker, any other mac photo editor to recommend?

To solve her problem, I decided to write this article, hoping it will do help to make a photo collage on Mac instead of sophisticated Photoshop for people who have the same need.

To make a photo collage on Mac with great editing effect, it’s necessary for you to own powerful and automatic photo collage software. A photo editor for Mac can help you not only enhance and improve your beautiful images, but also preserve them quite well, even to showcase them in extraordinary ways to your friends. So, being exciting and rewarding, which collage maker online can fit your needs best?

Fortunately, AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker will not let you down. Being powerful and easy-to-use, it has gained popularity among many users. With this user-friendly photo collage maker, it’s quite simple to make collage with text, masks, frames and various clipart. There is a huge collection of collage templates to choose from within this mac photo editor, calendars, greeting cards, posters, invitations, scrapbooks, and more. Besides, you can save your photo collage to email or print it out, sharing with your friends. Furthermore, you can free download the Photo Collage Maker here. So, download it now and check the following steps on how to make a photo collage on mac eye-catching and unique.

Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.

Step1. Choose a Collage Template

Launch this photo editor for Mac and find your favorite template from these collage categories to get started: Layout, collage, greeting card, calendar, including 100+ professionally designed templates in total. You can choose a blank template or an attractive collage template you like to begin.

make collage on mac step1

Step2. Add Photos

Right click mouse on the left column to select your most treasured pictures or photos and then add them into your collage. Whatever option you choose will be fine as long as you have all the pictures you need for the collage. You might make a special folder first on your computer with the photos you want to use.

make collage on mac step2

Step3. Background and Size Settings

If you want to change your photo collage background or size, just click the blank area in the template, then a setting panel will appear as the right column.

make collage on mac step3

Step4. Decorate Your Photos

You are free to personalize photo settings like Border, Shadow, Image Effect and other decorations like frame, text and so on.

Set Border, Shadow & Image Effect

Click on the picture and then click Border button to set Color, Width and Corner of your photos. Check Shadow to customize shadow settings like Color, Angle, and Offset etc. One good choice for you is free to click any image effect to beautify your photos.

make collage on mac step4

Add Text

Click on the text in this template and edit any message you want to change. You are free to edit common settings like font size and color, etc. or customize text effects by setting your own Alignment, Style, and Background.

make collage on mac step5

Step5. Save Your Photo Collage

Click Export button and then click Save as Picture to save your finished work in JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF or PSD format at will. You can also rename your photo collage here. After that, decide to share it on Facebook or not.

make collage on mac step6

Step6. Share Your Photo Collage

No matter how much you want to edit your photos, photo editor for mac has all the tools you need and gives you an access to share your artwork to your friends at any time in any way you like.

make collage on mac step7

Now you can sit back and admire your creative photo collage. Of course, if you want to edit it next time, you can save it as project!

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