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How Do I Stop Ads on MP3Juices (Ad-Free Guide 2017)

Last updated: 2017-10-24 | Eva C Levy
Stop Ads on MP3Juices

How to stop ads on MP3Juices?

You may wonder why I ask such a question.

When it comes to free MP3 download, the industry leader – MP3juices will cross your mind.

For its major features: Huge music database and free download.

You must get a lot of free music from MP3juices, right?


Have you noticed that some drawbacks on the site?

Like only support MP3 format, unable to download music video…… The most annoying aspect is ads, ads and ads!

Pop-ups and trick buttons will weaken your download experience.

So is there a solution to help you out?

Especially when you use it for the first time.


Follow my steps and everything is in your control.

Part 1: Let’s Meet Hidden Ads on MP3Juices

When you enter the official site of MP3juices, you can type the keywords in the search engine to find your target MP3 music.

Mp3jucies Home Page

There is no ad on search page. Ok, let’s do the show-how.

Ads on MP3Juices


When you search the music then the matched list shows up on the page

See the obvious black buttons there?

Right, ads for the first time!

But the ads story does not end yet.

I will show you in the next part soon.

Part 2: Prevent Ads on MP3Juices and Get Music Download

According to what I’ve showed you above where you will meet the ads on the site.

Then you must want to know how to stop these ads from popping up?

Yes, I know that’s why you come into this article.

Actually, the skill on block the ads on MP3Juices is quite easy.


Recognize these ads and do not click them!

So apart from the first time you see the ads on MP3Juices, just like part 1.

What else ads covered under the trick button?

Let’s see!

When we find the MP3 music we want, then you can play music online.

Like this…

Play Music on MP3Juices

You can see there is no ad when you click the “play” button,

But you still can see the ads below.

And it tells you “Advertisement”, so I think you won’t to click it knowingly.

Keep going…

The download part is coming.

First, let’s see this page.


Now, can you recognize which one is the trick button that contains ad?

If you remember what I told you then you will find that easily.

The black button is the real download button.


According to our test, when you click the “Download” button, two situations will occur.

1. Get free MP3 music download successfully.
2. You will meet a pop-up, but the download still going on.

But it’s uncertain when you will get an ad, this seems to be random.

Break a leg!

Part 3: No Worries! Ad-Free Music Download Site is Here!

It’s ok if you still want to keep using MP3Juices by those stop ads tips.

But I want to say…

For free MP3 music download sites, I have a couple of recommendations for you.

Such as: MP3SKULL, MP3XD, MP3pleer and so on.

However, since they all make profits through advertisements, there is no doubt that ads are inevitable on these sites.

Don’t be upset!

I have another powerful online service for you. You don’t need to rack your brains to get rid of ads on MP3juices.

Strongly recommend - Free MP3 Finder.

I just give you a brief introduction.

Free MP3 Finder Ad-Free

You can see a clear and fresh interface shows in the page.

It has 4 major music resources to match your search requirement.

Play music and download MP3 and download video.

Multiple audio formats, not only MP3.

No Ads, no pop-ups and no virus!
No Ads, no pop-ups and no virus!
No Ads, no pop-ups and no virus!

Amazing Free MP3 Finde

If you think this can be a good choice, just give it a shot! You will love it!

Once again, try it and you will find how amazing it is!

Try it

Well, is your problem solved?

Remember my tips, and you can easily stop ads on MP3Juices!

Take my advice, try Free MP3 Finder, and you won’t be bothered by ads anymore.

If you have any question, feel free to leave a message below.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

See ya!

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