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MP3Juices Alternative for Different Devices – Desktop, Android & iPhone

Last updated: 2018-03-30 | Eva C Levy
MP3 Juice alternative

Why do you need an MP3Juices alternative?

Well, we all know that MP3 Juice is a popular music site that provides millions of free music downloads.

It might be the first choice for many music lovers.

However, there’re too many hidden ads on the site.

When you use MP3juices to download free MP3, you just can’t stop the ads from popping up.

Whatever you’ve used MP3juice before, you must agree how annoying pop ups can be.

That’s why you need a better choice.

Therefore, I’d like to share some good alternatives to MP3Juices with you.

Now, let’s get to the point!

Part 1. Free MP3 Download Sites like MP3Juices

The first type of MP3Juice Alternatives is free music download sites.

Similar to MP3Juices, you can directly download MP3 free online without software or registration.

#1 Free MP3 Finder

Free MP3 Finder

AmoyShare Free MP3 Finder (FMF) is an online mp3 downloader that works as well as MP3Juices, or even better.

If you don’t want to be bothered by adverts at all, I will strongly recommend Free MP3 Finder. It’s impossible for you to encounter any ads on the site, it’s just clean as it looks like.

With Free MP3 Finder, undoubtedly, you can have a more wonderful download experience.

Compared MP3Juices with Free MP3 Finder, they have something in common:

1. Search music by URL and keywords.
2. Preview the music video before downloading.
3. Download free MP3 music.
4. No need to sign up.

If you want to know more difference between these two sites, then you can read A Detailed Comparison Guide: Mp3Jucies vs. Free MP3 Finder.

So what’s the highlight of Free MP3 Finder?

1. No ads, no plug-in, and no virus.
2. More audio formats: MP3, M4A, WebM etc.
3. Enable to download music video in multiple file types.
4. Support 1000+ online sites for search and download.

What do you think?

Maybe you need more comparisons, so just keep reading…

#2. MP3 Skull

MP3 Skull

MP3 Skull is another MP3Juice alternative site that provides music search and free music download from two major resources – 4Shared and YouTube.

When you enter the song in the search bar, the matched results will show up immediately.

Like MP3juice you can play the MP3 music as well before you choose to download, but it will take some time because the download was processed by the third party – YouTube Convert.

MP3 is the only audio format to download, and you will meet some fake download buttons (Contains ads). It will not affect your music download if you can distinguish those buttons.

Moreover, you can learn more about MP3Skull from my previous post Which One is Better: Mp3Juices vs. MP3Skull.

#3. My Free MP3

My Free MP3

My Free MP3 is a new free MP3 download online site found in 2016. You can find music by entering song name and singer then listen to the music online but only have an audio format, not the music video.

For its search result, there are many results indeed; but it is a messy list because you can find different versions of the song you want, such like the cover version, piano version even foreign language version on the whole list. But I did download a song successfully, you can have a try!

For more MP3Juices alternative sites, you can further read Top 10 Similar Websites Like MP3Juice..

Part 2. MP3Juices Alternative for Mac/PC

If you are tired of entering an MP3 download site every time when you need to download music, then you can install music software on your PC.

Compared with the online website, software is more convenient and more stable when you download MP3.

So we are going to recommend a few desktop apps like MP3Juices.

#1. AnyMusic (Best Choice)


AnyMusic is a one-stop music downloader.

It is the most popular music software powered by AmoyShare.

AnyMusic provides free MP3 search by URL and keywords, and play music before you download songs. You will have a supreme music download experience for AnyMusic’s ad-free interface and fast download speed.

More features:

1. Sync the downloaded music files to your phone.
2. Manage your MP3 files in music library (change the saved path, rename the file).
3. Download YouTube playlists.
4. 4 major search resources and 1000+ sites supported.
5. Support both audio and video downloads.
6. Plenty of formats for downloading ( MP3, M4A, WebM, 3PG etc.)

By the way, AnyMusic is available for Windows and Mac.

#2. KeepVid Music

KeepVid Music

KeepVid Music is a not bad option if you want an MP3 music downloader on your computer.

It can helps you to discover music, download music and convert music from the major streaming  sites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and so on.

Search music by URL, keyword search is not allowed here. If you want to download an audio format, you can make it by discovering, downloading and recording music, but there is only MP3 format so that may not meet your other formats need.

When you finish the music download, you can manage files in the music library or transfer songs to your devices (iPhone, Android, and iPad) via USB.

KeepVid has stopping providing its online video download service on March 17, 2018. Some people are annoyed, some are disappointed. While we would like to introduce you the best KeepVid substitute, AnyMusic. You’re going to like it.

#3. iTunes

iTunes Music

iTunes is regarded as the best music downloader for it has a huge music resource with more than 8 million songs.

Whatever you are a Windows or Mac user, you can install the iTunes on your PC. On iTunes, you can stream the movie, music, TV shows, podcasts, and so on.

However, when you want to download MP3 on iTunes, ACC (Advanced Audio Coding) is the only audio format here. ACC is a type of digital audio file and has been promoted as the successor to the MP3. AAC generally offers higher-quality sound than an MP3 while using the same amount of disk space, or less. But ACC may not compatible with all devices.

The software is free but if you want to download the music to listen to offline, then you have to pay for it.

Part 3. Alternative MP3Juice Mobile App

The amount of using the phone to download MP3 is not less than people who use PC. They think download MP3 on phone is more convenient, you can save the music on your phone. So let’s see what is your choice might be.

#1 Free MP3 Finder

Free MP3 Finder for mobile

We’ve mentioned this site above. If you are Android users, you can download free songs with Free MP3 Finder just on your smartphone.

Believe it or not, with FMF, you can download music on mobile as easy as you do on your computer. The download steps are totally the same.

Actually, whatever you are Android or Apple user, you only need to open the online website of Free MP3 Finder to search and download music for free so that save your phone space.

When you download the music on your phone then you can save them as the local music file.

Meanwhile, you won’t be disturbed by those annoying ads and malware like MP3 juices.

#2. Audiomack

Audiomack MP3 Juices Alternative App

Audiomack is a free streaming music app, it lets you stream and download the hottest new music, mixtapes, and podcasts in Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Reggae. Every song is downloadable with 3 million songs.

You can enjoy these:

Find the hottest music of today, ranked in real-time.

Unlimited streaming & storage – for free

iOS and Android Apps – for free

#3. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music

You must hear about 4Shared

which is an online sharing and storage – 15GB online web space.

4Shared Music (For Android Device) is made by 4Shared for downloading free MP3 music and listening to other user’s music files.

You can upload your music file with 15 GB free storage to share with other users on 4Shared Music as well. Or it enables you to get access to other users’ accounts and download music files. You can take 4Shared Music as a cloud service that you can free up your phone space by upload file from your Android device.

Search music by artists and song name then you can download free MP3 music easily.


It is not easy to find out the best music download sites from the huge resources on the web.

But we still try our best to recommend some good MP3juices alternatives to you.

If you like our recommendations above, pick one and try it.

There are many brand-new music downloaders updated every day. If you have better suggestions, let us know in the comments.

To learn more information about music download, you can take a look at the related articles below.

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