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Video Downloader for Android Online Service & App 2018

Last updated: 2018-05-31 | Eva C Levy
how to download videos from YouTube

Watching video is kind of modern pastime for some people. Most of people prefer to enjoy videos on YouTube online, But for others, they are more willing to watch videos offline, which means that they need to download videos on their device like PC, mobile phone.

Such as download videos on iPhone is a great demand, but… Today, we are going to focus on video downloader for Android, If you want to download free videos on your Android mobile phone, Free Video Finder will be your first choice to download free videos on your Android mobile phone, Free Video Finder will be your first choice to download online free videos on Android. With this free online video downloader, you can download videos from websites easily.

1. How to Download Online Video on Android with Video Content

As an Android user, if you download videos frequently on your mobile phone then you can’t miss the Free Video Finder.

Free Video Finder is an free online video downloader site, it supports over 1000 sites including popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can find and download any videos from the Internet.

Also, Free Video Finder is compatible with various browsers, so open your mobile browser and go to the official site of AmoyShare and you can see the homepage.


Then slide down, you will find Free Video Finder. Click “Discover Now”.


Now, you can download any videos from the Internet with Free Video Finder.

Step 1: Search online video with keywords
As we know that most of free online video or music download site, they always support URL searching, of course, Free Video Finder can do that as well. But it also allows you to search and download free online video by keywords, which means that you can search video with vide name, video maker or any words that leads you to the video you desired.


Step 2: Play video with Free Video Finder on Android
After getting the video search result, you don’t have to download the video in a rush.
You can preview the online video before you try to download the free video on your mobile phone.


Step 3: Download free online video on Android phone
The last step of download free video to your mobile phone with the best video downloader for Android – Free Video Finder is to choose video formats.

Free Video Finder provides you with multiple video formats, such as MP4, WEBM, 3GP, etc. If you want more video formats then you can try the desktop version of Free Video Finder – AnyVid.

BTW, you also can download audio formats if you need, just choose audio and decide your desired audio formats like MP3, M4A, WERBM, etc.


Wait for a while you will finished a free video download on your Android mobile phone.

2. How to Download Free Video to Android with Free Video Finder

If you have ever used other free video download or free MP3 download site, you will know that URL search the most common way to search online video or music. So, beyond all question, you can search free video on your Android phone with Free Video Finder.

You only need a video link (URL), how to get a video URL? When you browse a video webpage, there is always a link on the address bar – that’s what we want video URL.

Right click the link and copy the video URL from the website, then paste the video URL into the search bar of Free Video Finder.


You will get the video result just what you did just now. So, you can choose play the video again or just download video to your phone right now. Oh, let’s take the Billboard Awards 2018 as the example, if you want to download all the video about Billboard Awards, namely, video playlist or clips. You can Anyid which can help you download the whole video playlist from YouTube.

Till now, I have shown you how to download free video to your Android phone with Free Video Finder, did you get the all skill? Maybe you can try now!


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Finally, please don’t forget to try Free Video Finder, it will surprise you!

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