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Last updated: Dec 28, 2019

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The Video Downloader App is available for Windows, Mac, and Android.

What’s the Best Free Video Downloader?

AmoyShare Free Video Finder is the best free video downloader online to download any video from video websites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

As the best video downloader online, AmoyShare Free Video Finder is also the best YouTube Downloader, since YouTube is the largest online video site in the world.

So as a video download site, why is AmoyShare Free Video Finder the top free online video downloader?

The reasons are:

Firstly, it is flexible.
AmoyShare Free Video Finder supports two ways to download videos:
• Enter keywords directly in the search box, exactly the way you do to search on YouTube.
• Download any video online from the video URL. In this sense, it serves as a URL video downloader.

Secondly, it is powerful.
AmoyShare Free Video Finder can download any video to MP4 videos, 4K videos, HD videos, and many formats in high qualities, and even download video to mp3 audio.

Thirdly, it supports most video sources.
AmoyShare Free Video Finder can download videos from hundreds of video sites. Discover the video sites here.

Amazing, right?

How Can I Download Any Videos?

Here is the full guide to downloading any videos with AmoyShare Free Video Finder.

Step 1. Visit the video download site in any browser on your computer or mobile phone:

Step 2. Enter some video keywords in the search box of the AmoyShare Free Video Finder page.
Tips: Or you can paste a specific video URL in the search box to find and download a single video.

Step 3. Click “Download” to select a video or audio format to download the video with one click.

Easy, right?

Have a free trial for yourself right now!

YouTube Downloader

As a free video downloader, AmoyShare Free Video Finder is also the best YouTube video downloader.

With the YouTube downloader, you can easily download YouTube video playlist, YouTube channel videos, and download YouTube MP4 online.

Learn more about YouTube Video Downloader and YouTube to MP3 Converter.

MP4 Download

MP4 Download with AmoyShare Free Video Finder is quick and easy.

MP4 is the most common video format because it’s well compatible with any video player. For example, YouTube videos are always MP4 videos. Nowadays, we prefer to download YouTube videos MP4 as a default. The same, the .mp4 file is always the preferred option when we download videos from any other video site.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is claimed as the simplest video downloader for PC.

People may take it for granted that 4K Video Download supports any video download in 4K quality. The truth is whether you can download a 4K video mainly depends on the video itself. While only the original video is available in high quality, you’re able to download HD video. For a video with low resolution, it’s impossible to download the video in 4K resolution.

Additionally, AmoyShare Free Video Finder is a good alternative to 4K Video Downloader, perhaps even better because it’s compatible with Android, PC, and Mac.

Video Downloader App - AnyVid

Except for online video downloader, AmoyShare Free Video Finder provides video downloader app on different devices.

The application is called AnyVid, which can help you download videos and convert videos to MP3 on your Android mobile phone or computers (Windows & Mac) more steadily and effectively.

Just install the video downloader app – AnyVid now and have a free trial!


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Download Any Video Online from Any Site

AmoyShare focuses on video downloader tools. AmoyShare has been dedicated to helping you download any video online by URL from any sites. Actually, there’re 1,000+ video sites supported.

Please find out the dedicated video downloader for specific websites as you need in the followings. Try it now!

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