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How Do You Download Free Music from YouTube to iTunes

Last updated: 2017-07-04 | Eva C Levy
youtube to itunes

"I have found lots of fantastic music on YouTube, but I have no clue how to download music from YouTube into iTunes library directly?"

– Allen Charles

Is this situation familiar to you?

If so, you must know that Apple has a strict restriction for YouTube downloaders in App Store.

However, YouTube to iTunes download is not that difficult as you think.

AnyMusic is the perfect YouTube to iTunes converter.

With it, you can easily get music off of YouTube to iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Let’s learn how to do it.

To Begin with...

Firstly, you need to download AnyMusic on your computer.

AnyMusic is available for Mac and Windows, you can choose the version that matches to your PC as follows.

When the installstion is end, launch the program.

Whatever for Windows or Mac, the steps are the same.

So I just demonstrate on Windows as an example.

Now, you can keep reading on the step-on-step guide on how to rip music from YouTube with AnyMusic, as well as how to transfer downloaded music files to iTunes.

How to Download Music off YouTube with AnyMusic?

Step 1Find YouTube with Keyword or Video Link

Option 1: Search for the YouTube Music with Keywords

You can use the powerful searching function under Find Music, which you only need to enter the keyword to search for related music, such as songs, artists, albums or video links.

For instance, I want to download Blank Space, so I just enter the song name into the search box. And then I can get a wide selection of results from online streaming sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Archive.

YouTube videos

Option 2: Get YouTube Song with URL

If you have the URLs of the music or video, you only need to copy and paste the URLs to Video to MP3.

In this case, I search for the song of Taylor Swift on YouTube, and copy video URL by right clicking on the page.

YouTube videos

After that, I paste the video link to the search bar, click on the search icon, and then the program just fetches the video source from YouTube.

YouTube videos

Step 2Play & Download YouTube Music

To confirm the song is what you’re looking for, I suggest you to preview the music video before downloading it.

The best part is, you can even play the video in full screen. Isn’t that so cool?

YouTube videos

If the music is right, then you can click on the Download button. Now you can see a few format options in the drop-down column.

Choose the file type you need, and the YouTube to audio conversion will instantly start.

YouTube videos

Step 3Find Music Downloaded in Library

You can see the downloading process in AnyMusic Library as the screenshot.

Whetever you download the music from audio database or extract MP3 from video, you can always find the music in the Library.

YouTube videos

How to Add Music to iTunes Library with AnyMusic?

Just as mentioned, AnyMusic is more than a music downloader. You can also manage the music files on your computer or even the files from your iTunes. Check out the detail process as the following steps.

Step 1Open Saved Directory

When you click the Open Saved Directory, the program just open the default saved directory.

If you want to sync music from YouTube to iTunes Converter, the default saved folder shall be the iTunes Media folder.

YouTube videos

Step 2Add Music to iTunes

Click the Change Saved Directory, and then choose iTunes > iTunes Media, click the Open button and then the music you just downloaded will be added to iTunes.

(If you set the default saved folder as YouTube Media before download, then you can download songs from YouTube to iTunes directly.)

YouTube videos

Besides the above features, you can also extract music from Facebook videos and other online streaming video sites.

As the ultimate solution to extract music from YouTube to iTunes, you can have the whole video files from YouTube as your own database.

That’s it!

Here you go!

You’ve got the easiest way to download music off YouTube to iTunes.

Now you can play YouTube music on your Apple devices offline or on the road.

That’s great if you’d like to share the practical YouTube to iTunes converter to more people.

If need any help on downloading YouTube music to iTunes, just let me know in the comments.

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