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How to Discover and Listen to Music on YouTube?

Last updated: 2016/12/22 | Eva C Levy

Many people, while mentioning YouTube, spoke highly of its stunning video service. But do you know YouTube Music app? Published by Google, which is the same as YouTube. You may wonder why Google rolled out such a music streaming app since it already has Google Play Music. While we all know YouTube is made up of videos, it virtually has become the largest music streaming service. And millions of people already get used to listening to music through YouTube itself. So YouTube Music app is born to offer a total different music experience to these users.


YouTube Music released five great videos on Jul 18, 2016. Each video is a short story about 1 minute. However, you can find yourself in these stories more or less. The power of music is more than we have expected. “It’s not just what we listen to. It’s who we are.” Just like the subtitles appeared in the end of the video, to some extent, the music we listen to presents who we are.

From very beginning, YouTube Music app has no intention to duplicate or copy from its competitors, such as Apple iTunes, Spotify, Pandora etc. Let’s see how it stands out.

No Playlists

It means that users cannot create playlists themselves. All playlists are created by YouTube Music System based on your tastes. And the app updates well-selected tracks every day.


No Interruption

When you share your music with others, you don’t have to change your app or wait sending, you can stay on YouTube Music app and still enjoy your songs. So it is really convenient for users to share videos and audio-only with family and friends without interruption.


You can switch music playing patterns between audio and video flexibly. For instance, when you run and drive, you don’t need to keep the screen on all the time, you can just listen to the audio only.

Personalized Music

From the home screen of the app, the personalized option “My Station” will automatically play back the music according to your playing history on YouTube as well as the music content you’ve put a thumb up to. In other words, a station starts when you play a track.


When you are playing a song, you will see three options, “like”, “dislike” and “share” the video. Underneath this song, you will see a selection of relative music. The station will list some similar music or singers according to the tracks you "like".


Besides, you can also change the music pattern for your personal touch. Such as, if you choose less variety, YouTube Music will send you music from what you like. When you choose balance, YouTube Music will recommend music from what you like and YouTube Music System itself. And if you want YouTube Music to surprise you, you can select more variety. The station system is so smart that it learns what you like as you listen. Figuratively and literally, "My Station" offers endless personalized music to you.


Offline Music

It’s so awful that you can’t listen to music without WiFi, but this situation happens from time to time. To keep listening music without a connection, you only need to join YouTube Red. Then the app will download music from what you have listen recently, and you can set where to download and what music quality you want. These options will update the offline music list every day for you. That means you can listen to tracks wherever you go.

YouTube Red Subscription

You don’t need to spend a penny if you are satisfied with above services. But if you want to amplify your music experience, you can get some benefits from YouTube Red, such as ad-free videos, uninterrupted music, save videos and playlists to play offline, background play etc. Sounds interesting? To become a YouTube Red member, you only need to pay $9.99 per month. For more exclusive features, you can learn from the following video.

How to discover and listen to music on YouTube? There’s no more question like this with YouTube Music. Download it now, and you just get all you want!

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