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2018 Valentine’s Day Cards Collection (DIY, Funny Cards, Meme and more)

Last updated: 2018-02-02 | Eva C Levy
Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Online Shopping malls and real stores are also filled with atmosphere of love.

Did you feel it?

No matter you are single or in love with someone, you must want to make this day special.

Valentine’s Day card is one thing you will prepare for the big day.

It is a way to show your love to your lover.

Also, sending a Valentine’s Day card to yourself would make you feel better.

For people who love to DIY, handmade Valentine’s Day love cards is a good choice.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day card ideas?

This time, I will share some websites that you can create cards for Valentine’s Day with you.

Besides, I’m teaching you how to make this day funny.

Let’s go!

Part 1 Websites for Creating Valentine’s Day Cards Online

In this part, I will give you some websites for you to create Valentine love cards.

You can visit them and DIY your own love card.

1. Amolink


You can customize your special cards for Valentine’s Day in Amolink.

It is free and functional.

You can start by clicking “Create New+” to DIY.

The site of creating is really professional.

There are many layouts of various themes for you to choose. You are able to use your own photo. Adding music and text is also easy.

Besides, it is not necessary for users to sign in, which will protect your private information.

2. Canva


The website’s designers have created beautiful card layouts for various occasions.

In addition to Valentine’s cards, there are layouts for birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, Christmas cards and other kinds. You could make cards as much as you like!

Canva allows you to create more than cards. Brochure, poster, Facebook cover, mind maps, even pie chart are also available.

It is multi-functional, isn’t it?

3. Greeting Island

Greeting Island

Greetings Island provides you with high quality templates and online design tools. You can customize and produce attractive Valentine free printable cards.

Besides, you could download or send the cards online.

It does not charge anything for designing or printing your selections.

There is no extra software that you need to download.

Registration is not mandatory so you won’t spend any time in this part.

4. Fotor


This is an online photo editing suite, aiming at bringing an unprecedented level of editing control to user with its exclusive technology.

It has more than 200 million users, so you can see how popular it is.

With a great number of preset templates in Fotor, you are able to create a card for Valentine’s Day of your own style free and easily.

5. Paperless Post

Paperless Post

In Paperless Post, you can create cards for birthday, wedding, parties, professional cards like reception and greeting cards.

There are quite a few templates for Valentine’s Day cards. You can choose one then begin to edit.

If you want to make it more unique, you can do it by uploading a personal photo.

Writing Valentines card messages after choosing your typeface and type color.

6. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain

Online greetings are able to reach your loved ones everywhere, whenever they need it most, Blue Mountain will be ready for you.

You could create e-cards for Valentine’s Day on Blue Mountain. Printable cards and postcards can be made, either.

If you are not member of the website, you can try all of the cards and ecards free with a no-risk 7 day trial.

If you want to send the e-card you created, you will have to sign in.

7. Hallmark Ecards


Hallmark is committed to giving you the best ecard and digital greeting experience.

You can choose cards by tunes, occasions, holidays, birthday and anniversary.

Hallmark offers you boxed Valentine’s Day cards and Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

There are also interesting ecards for you to choose for this big day. All these cards can be customized.

I’m sure that you will enjoy DIY you own card here.

8. 123 Greetings

123 Greetings

123Greetings is a site for sending free online e-greetings and ecards to your loved ones.

It has wonderful cards for occasions like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, thank, congrats and funny ecards.

The site also has greeting cards for events such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and lots of other events throughout the year.

You can create Happy Valentine’s Card, Thank You card and Miss You card for this day.

9. Fotojet


Fotojet has professional templates and function-focused resources that make it simple for you to create collages, posters, cards, banners.

It has powerful design and editing tools, which will let you get high-quality results in a quick and simple way.

With only a few clicks, you can create cards for Valentine’s Day in professional level even if you haven’t make one before.

You can try it free. No download or registration is required here.

10. Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl is a technology company.

It creates best-in-class digital solutions for events and celebrations. This company believes that the details matter, products should be easy to use, and design separates great products from good ones.

There are plenty of templates for Valentine for choosing. Choose your favorite one then you can start to personalize.

The inside, front and envelope of the card can be designed by you.

What’s more, all these are free.

Part 2 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

This big day is not only about romance, you can make it funny, of course.

In this part, I’m showing you some funny Valentine’s Day cards.

Use two little lights to say “turn me on”, really cute, right?

funny Valentine’s Day card

“Bee” for “be”, are the bees lovely?

funny Valentine’s Day card

Don’t miss the small words or you will be angry. It’s actually a sweet card.

funny Valentine’s Day card

Use a funny pie chart to express your love. How creative!

funny Valentine’s Day card

“Beet” for “beat”, did you get it?

funny Valentine’s Day card

Leaves fell, I fell for you.

funny Valentine’s Day card

“Pear” for “pair”, these two adorable pears show that your love and sense of humor.

funny Valentine’s Day card

“Loaf” for “love”, “butter” for “better”, why not send this interesting card to your loved one?

funny Valentine’s Day card

You’ve stolen a piece of my heart, my dear!

funny Valentine’s Day card

“Bean” stands for “been”. When you’re in love, you won’t stop thinking about someone.

funny Valentine’s Day card

Besides these cards, I will give you several websites to choose more funny cards for Valentine’s Day. you can choose the special one foe your love!

1. Pinterest
2. The Balance
3. Not On The High Street
4. Buzz Feed
5. American Greetings

Part 3 Valentine’s Day Cards Meme

Meme will definitely bring laugh to your Valentine’s Day.

Let’s see some funny Valentine’s Day memes together!

Look at his face. Did you laugh?

Valentine’s Day meme

I miss you. Miss you so much.

Valentine’s Day meme

Let this cute Trumped trump her heart!

Valentine’s Day meme

If your loved one is a fan of Ed Sheeran, send it!

Valentine’s Day meme

“Cena” for “seen a”, let Cena show your love!

Valentine’s Day meme

Funny face with words meaning Valentine never loose, did it impress you?

Valentine’s Day meme

You will be infected by the smile even without the words.

Valentine’s Day meme

In this day, will you be the one think seriously about valentine?

Valentine’s Day meme

Don’t let me slip away, I’m serious.

Valentine’s Day meme

A million dollars for a smile, what kind of man will do this?

Valentine’s Day meme

Did you feel the specialty of meme?

I’m going to share some websites with you.

You can get more memes through them.

1. Know Your Meme
2. Pinterest
3. EBaum’s World
4. Someecards
5. Observer

Part 4 Valentine’s Day Cards For Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Don’t know what kind of card to choose for your sweetheart?

Let’s see some cards and find the inspiration!

Here are five cards for girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day card for girlfriend

Send her your love with the front of card full of hearts.

She will love it!

Valentine’s Day card for girlfriend

Pick one lovely photo of you two.

Create a card of your own and surprise your girlfriend!

Valentine’s Day card for girlfriend

It is a funny card for Valentine’s Day.

Girls won’t get tired of your praise!

Valentine’s Day card for girlfriend

Sweet strawberries make the card looks sweet, too.

Write down the words you want to say!

Valentine’s Day card for girlfriend

She will be pleased seeing these beautiful flowers.

Send this simple and romantic card to her!

Next, I will show you cards of Valentine’s Day for boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend

The color is suitable for boys.

Also, the words are sweet.

Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend

If you love and trust him, let him know that you would go anywhere with him!

He will be touched!

Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend

Black and white looks cool.

But there is a romantic sentence in the bottom, he will get it.

Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend

It is not easy to meet you in this big world.

Tell him that you are glad that you have found him.

Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend

It’s a creative card.

I’m attracted to you, boy!


After viewing so many Valentine’s Day cards, do you have any idea for Valentine’s Day?

You can choose the Valentine’s card from what I shared with you,

You also can find the cards you like from the other websites.

When you find a fancy one then get ready to send it to your love.

But I think making your own card for Valentine’s Day is the best choice

What do you think?

OK. If you have any question or suggestion about our sharing,

You are welcomed to leave any of your comments.

And we hope that you can share your romantic moment with us one day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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