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SZA Songs MP3 Free Download – SZA Hot Hits (Newest!)

Last updated: 2017-12-19 | Eva C Levy
Top 10 SZA songs

In 2012, she was 22.

SZA released her first EP.

The debut studio album, Ctrl, was released 4 years later.

This album debuted at No.3 on the US Billboard Top 200 and was ranked as the best album of 2017 by Time.

Besides, it received several Grammy Award nominations, including Best Urban Contemporary Album.

She was nominated for 2018 Grammy Outstanding New Artist and Outstanding Female Artist.

Not many singers got such success at the beginning of their career, isn’t it?

SZA’s lyrics are described as “unraveling”, that revolve around sexuality, nostalgia and abandonment.

Have you listenED to the songs of this special and talented singer?

This time, I will share you with the best top 10 SZA songs.

1. What Lovers Do

“Ooooh, oooh
Been wishin’ for you (wishin’)
Ooh, ooh
Tryna’ do what lovers do (ooh)”

What Lovers Do is a song by Maroon 5 featuring SZA. It is the first collaboration between Maroon 5 and SZA. The song was released on 30th August, 2017, as the lead single from the band’s 6th studio album Red Pill Blues. The song peaked No.3 on the US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard).

Girls always ask questions that whether the boys love them, don’t they? Just do what lovers do to show your love. I really like the fun bass line in the chorus. What’s more, the music video of the song is great, you should watch it!

2. The Weekend

“Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend”

It was written by SZA and Cody Fayne. “The Weekend” reached No.13 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard). Besides, the song was nominated for 2018 Grammy Best R&B Performance.

The song is about sharing a lover with other women. “I think, low-key, the internet makes it so difficult to be in relationships because we’re taking in so much information. There’s always new, new, new, more, more, more.” said SZA. Do you think that the internet makes love harder?

3. Love Galore

“Love, love, love, love
‘Long as we got
Love, love, love
‘Long as we got”

It was released on 28th, April, 2017, as the second single from SZA’s debut studio album, Ctrl. This song was written by SZA, Travis Scott, Carter Lang, Cody Fayne and Tyran Donaldson. It was ranked No.3 on the US Rhythmic (Billboard) and nominated for 2018 Grammy Best Rap/Sung Performance.

In this song, she was cravings for a past lover. But she rebirthed after the regretful relationship and put herself in the first place after that loveless affair. “I always get excited when I hear tropical beats.” said SZA. Do you like the beat of the song?

4. Broken Clocks

“All I got is these broken clocks
I ain’t got no time
Just burning daylight
Still love and it’s still love, and it’s still love”

“Broken Clocks” was released to digital retailers on 2nd, June, 2017. It was written by SZA and Cody Fayne and the production was handled by ThankGod4Cody. The song reached No.20 on the US Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles (Billboard).

In this song, SZA reminisced about the imbalance between her love and working life. The way her old flame made her heart beat and made her feel young again. So, she ended up giving in to the temptation because she could not beat him.

5. Homemade Dynamite

“Our rules, our dreams, we’re blind
Blowin’ shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite
Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired
Blowin’ shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite”

“Homemade Dynamite” is a song by New Zealand singer Lorde. The remix version of it, which features Khalid, Post Malone and SZA, was released as the 3rd single of the album on 15th, September, 2017. It reached No.50 on the Canada Hot 100.

The original version of the song was about finding a relationship in a party and the remix continues the trend. Khalid’s and Malone’s verses were about getting to know someone at a party while drunk. SZA’s verse was about getting drunk and stealing someone else’s lover.

6. Drew Barrymore

“Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah
Tell me that it’s warm enough here for ya
Is it warm enough for ya inside me, me, me, me
Warm enough for ya outside baby, yeah”

The song was written by Carter Lang, Tyran Donaldson and SZA. It was released on 13th, January, 2017. The title of the song was inspired by 90’s movies featuring Drew Barrymore, namely Never Been Kissed and Poison Ivy.

The lyrics indicated low self-esteem, particularly in a relationship that is very unbalanced. This song speaks on both dealing with insecurity and questions companionship along with self-regard. The music video was released 20th, June, 2017 and included a cameo from Drew Barrymore herself.

7. Supermodel

“I could be your supermodel if you believe
If you see it in me, see it in me, see it in me
I don’t see myself”

“Supermodel” was written by Greg Landfair, Terrence Henderson, Tyran Donaldson, Pharrell Williams and SZA. It was released on 9th, June, 2017. SZA has said that this track is possibly her favorite of the album.

In this song, she discussed her insecurities and got back at an ex-boyfriend who did her wrong. “There’s a song where I talk about sleeping with my ex-boyfriend’s friend because he purposefully left me on Valentine’s Day, which will be the first time he hears about it” said SZA.

8. Go Gina

“Damn Gina, damn Gina
Them jeans, they must be uptight mama
You need some get right mama
Go Gina, go Gina”

“Go Gina” was written by SZA, Frank Dukes, Tyran Donaldson and Carter Lang. This song was first debuted at SZA’s show in Portland and then performed one more time, after a couple of weeks, at Coachella.

In a Breakfast Club interview, SZA explained that the song tied in to the character, Gina, from the sitcom Martin. She believed that if the character Gina didn’t work so much and just had a good time like her friends, she would have more fun and enjoyable life.

9. Quicksand

“Ooh-ooh, so hard to love (so hard)
Darling, you make it too hard to trust
You keep running from me
I’m scared of love”

The song was written by SZA, Ryan DeGrandy and DJ Dahi. It was released on 8th, September, 2017. The single appears on the second soundtrack for HBO’s “Insecure”, which also features music from Jorja Smith, Miguel, Dreezy and Bryson Tiller.

In this song, SZA was not the one to conceal her true feelings. She croons about her insecurities in the relationship and losing trust in the lover. She’s vulnerable, emotional and frustrated. Were you scared of love?

10. Consideration

“Will you ever respect me? No
Do things my own way darling
You should just let me
Why you ain’t ever let me grow”

The song was co-written by featured artist SZA, with Rihanna and its producer Tyran Donaldson. It is a dub-inspired hip hop and R&B song. This song reached No.13 on the US Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles (Billboard).

In an interview with i-D Magazine, SZA said she performed the song for Rihanna and Pharrell during a writing camp and was reluctant to give it up. She even attributed the loss of “Consideration” as part of the reason her own album was so delayed.


These are 10 hot hits of SZA.

Is there any song that you like the most?

Now, you must know more about this brilliant singer and songwriter.

Clicking the link under each song and you can download it for free.

If you have any suggestion, please let us konw in the comments.

Wish you a nice day!

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