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Rap Music Download: The Best and Only Way to Get Unlimited Hip Hop Songs

Last updated: 2017-08-31 | Eva C Levy
rap music download

Good music players are all in the same key.

But the best music downloader is one in a million.

I know you are looking for a unique music tool to get rap music download.

You must be eager to get one but have no idea where to download rap songs for free?

Well, you are lucky today!

Here is a bonus for you to fulfill all your rapping dreams.

I will show the best rap music downloader to you, as well as the full steps to get all your desired songs.

Keep reading!

#1 Best and Fully Functional MP3 Rap Music Downloader


You may want to know what the mysterious powerful downloader is.

Ok! Don’t beat around the bush!

AnyMusic – this is our leading role today!

In this huge music software market, like MP3Juice, MP3 music downloader and so on.

Why I only choose this one?

Because I focus one specific field: unlimited music download.

Just like its name AnyMusic, you can actually download any music with it! It is one-stop music software that meets your entire requirement.

It is considered one of the most convenient and easy-to-use music app.

Here are some strong points you should know about Anymusic:

  • Unlimited free music search by keywords
  • Download a wide range of file formats
  • Preview music and video as you want
  • Clean and safe interface with no ads

When you listen to a wonderful rap song, and you can’t wait to download it, right?

By Anymusic, you can own any rap songs you like.

But first, you need have one.

Here is an easy and direct way to download AnyMusic.

I’ll give a few minute for you to install it to your PC.

Then we will start our rap music download tutorial.

#2 A Step-by-Step Guide to Download Free Rap Music

I am sure you are all set for what we going to do next.

Let’s get the hot rap songs you like right now!

You will make it with least difficulty.

Just follow me!

Before we start you need to make sure your tool can be opened normally.

Check it! Like this:

YouTube videos

If your interface was shown like this, then you can go on!

Ok! Everything is ready, then prepare your rap songs and let’s take them down!

Step 1: Copy rap music’s URL.

This step is totally up to your music taste, you only need to find out one of your favorite rap songs and copy its link.

Let me demonstrate that for you.

I really like “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, so I just take it as an example.

And I find this song on YouTube and copy the video link.

YouTube videos

Done? Continue!

Step 2: Paste rap song’s URL and search it out of AnyMusic.

When you have done with the last step, then you can paste the link into search bar

Click the search button, you will get the result “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.

See? The following is how it goes:

YouTube videos

Besides by URL, you also can search rap music by typing keywords.

This is the biggest feature and advantage in this software.

Like you can type “lose yourself” or “lose yourself, Eminem”. It will show the result as well.

YouTube videos

You will find that there is more than one result show up because AnyMusic has 4 resources and 1000+ website supported.

You can choose one of the resources you like to search rap music.

Step 3: Preview the rap song before downloading it.

Here is a thoughtful feature.

“Play” the music or video which can give you a chance to further confirm what you are going to download.

YouTube videos

This powerful function can only be found at AnyMusic, this is one of the strong points that make it stand out among the market.

Step 4: Download music with a range of file formats.

When you made your mind, then you can download the song by clicking the button on your right hand.

You will have a bunch of choices of music format, like MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A.

Which format you are going download is based on your preference and your device.

Like I am using Windows now, then I choose the most common format – MP3.

Then see…

YouTube videos

What will happen next?

You can check the downloading process in the library. Like this:

YouTube videos

It will show you how many downloading tasks are in the process.

When all the tasks are done, they will show up in the downloaded section.

Yeah! Mission accomplished!

Till Now…

We have gone through all the steps of rap music download.

Even you’re a zero-based software user, you can easily handle the download process.

Here you go! You are able to free download latest hip hop and rap songs as many as you want.

AnyMusic is made for every music lover, whatever you are rap icon or a country style, you can find any music you want with it.

If you like my sharing, then share it!

Or leave a comment whenever you have a question or suggestion.

Thank you!

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