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Best Music App for Android to Download Songs|AnyMusic Android

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Oct 11, 2018


Find a music site.

Search for your favorite singers then enjoy the songs online.

You may get tired of these steps every time you want to listen to music, right?

Things will be easier if only you get the songs downloaded.

What you need is a website with this function.

You can get numbers of music websites through Google.

But, it may be a little difficult to pick out the one you want most.

Today, I will share several free mp3 music download sites with you.

You could download music free online by all these sites.

Let’s go and get your favorite one!

1. DoremiZone


With the help of DoremiZone, you could get free mp3 songs downloaded. Users can download YouTube video to mp3, too. Downloading HD music video is also available. Besides, the speed of downloading is really fast. DoremiZone is fully compatible with mobile devices. It is awesome that you can download free mp3 music from over 1,000 streaming websites.

How to download mp3 songs on DoremiZone?

1. Enter song, artist or paste video URL in the search bar.
2. Click the search icon to get the result.
3. Choose MP3 format and download the song.

2. Mp3Juices


To use this free music downloader, you don’t have to install any software. It doesn’t require any registration. The website is ad-free. The search speed is fast, too. After getting the results, you can play the music online to check if it is the right one. What’s more, users are able to convert videos to mp3 on Mp3Juices.

How to download mp3 songs on Mp3Juices?

1. Search for the song you like by entering key words.
2. Get the results.
3. Click the download button.

3. My Free MP3

 My Free MP3

My Free MP3 is a huge media library. This very mp3 download site covers music of different genres and time range. Entering the name or pseudonym of the musician or the collective then you will get the song in just a few seconds. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite tunes and download music free online without registering.

How to download mp3 songs on My Free MP3?

1. Enter any key words to get the song you like.
2. Click the download button.
3. Click the button “ENTER” to get the song downloaded.

4. Mp3-Tunes

 Mp3 Tunes

Mp3-Tunes is a popular Mp3 free music downloads site. Type in the search query then start to search. The process won’t take you long. The song will be downloaded quickly. Besides, you could use URL to get the song you love. If you want to convert YouTube video to mp4 or mp3, Mp3-Tunes is also a good choice.

How to download mp3 songs on Mp3-Tunes?

1. Find your favorite music with the help of the search bar.
2. Click the download icon.
3. Click “Download MP3” to get mp3 format of the song.

5. EMP3


EMP3 is one of the fastest-rising music download sites for free mp3. It has world biggest mp3 music collection, which could be downloaded in a high speed. Users can search for songs based on movies name, artist name, songs’ name and album names. Also, EMP3 has mp3 songs in nearly all languages.

How to download mp3 songs on EMP3?

1. Search for the music by type key words in the search bar.
2. Choose the quality of mp3 you want.
3. Click download icon to start the precess.

6. BeeMP3


BeeMP3 is one of the best free music download sites. After entering the searched mp3 name, the site will show you at least 5 keyword suggestions to help you to get your favorite song. Then, you could click on a suggestion or finish your own keyword. Click the orange search icon and you can get the results fast.

How to download mp3 songs on BeeMP3?

1. Enter related words of the song in the search bar.
2. Find the song you want to download in the results.
3. Click the download button to get the song.

7. MP3Skull


The MP3Skull offers a wonderful internet based search platform for everyone. This website allows users to search for mp3 files. Through MP3Skull, you will find mp3 files from different sources really fast. Also, you don’t need to log in or download software to play the music online.

How to download mp3 songs on MP3Skull?

1. Enter any words about your wanted song.
2. Choose mp3 format.
3. Click the download icon.

8. Jamendo


In Jamendo, users can discover free music and streaming from a lot of independent artists. It is free for you to download mp3 music. You won’t see any ads in the website. However, you need to log in before downloading. What’s more, the download process takes you just few seconds.

How to download mp3 songs on Jamendo?

1. Log in before searching for the song you want.
2. Enter key word about the independent music.
3. Get the result and click the download icon.

9. MP3Clan


MP3Clan is one of the best free music download sites for mp3. You can get almost every song you want here. Also, there is no registration required. It is simple for music lovers to download favorite songs and albums. When you don’t know what to listen, the website provides you with top 20 songs and top 20 albums.

How to download mp3 songs on MP3Clan?

1. Type words about the song to search.
2. Get the searching result.
3. Click “Download” to get the song free.

10. Easy YouTube MP3

 Easy YouTube MP3

This website is the easiest online service for you to download YouTube music videos to mp3. You do not need an account, which will definitely save your time. The only thing you need to get the song you like is a valid YouTube URL. Moreover, you can use Easy YouTube MP3 with Mac, a Linux PC or iPhone.

How to download mp3 songs on Easy YouTube MP3?

1. Paste the valid URL from YouTube of the song.
2. Search for the song by push enter button.
3. Choose the format of MP3 you like and click the green icon.


Did you find your favorite free mp3 music download site after reading the article?

Well, I hope they give you a hand on downloading music.

If you have another best mp3 music download site, please share with me!

Don’t forget to leave your comments, I’ll reply ASAP.

Enjoy your day!

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