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The Story and the Bible of MP3 Juice – Most Popular Free Music Download Site

the story and the bible of MP3 juice

Summary: MP3 Juice, paradise for a lot of music lovers, one of the most popular free music download sites. But how to differ the real MP3 Juice site from those fake mp3 juices, and how to download free music from mp3juices safely & legally? You can find the story and the bible of mp3juices from this article according to our latest research.

Hi, everybody, today I want to share you some news and changes about the best free mp3 site –, as well as the bible – how to download free mp3s from

The Story of MP3 Juice

Mp3 juices knowing as an mp3 download site started from the website –, but it has been closed. Now we will see such a statement here when we browse, “You have tried to access a website that is under criminal investigation by the UK: Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) This site is being investigated for online copyright infringement.” What’s wrong with Is mp3juices still online with other URL? Is it legally to use such music downloader free? Yes, these are my questions when I did the research after our readers asked us for recommending free mp3 download sites. Follow us to find the answers then.

When I jumped to find best sites to download free music, I notice mp3 juices. MP3juices is one of the best free mp3 download sites, that is why I write this article to share its story and news with you. As the most popular free mp3 website, launched in September, 2009, which was the document in archive, you can still see the original visage here, but it was closed in September, 2014 because of some copyright music downloading.

Today I will mainly introduce to you, developed from the original site According to the record of Softpedia, the old members of the team that used to run the site are no longer involved in and it looks like quite a few things will change. But who cares, for us, provides great free music downloads services and it has been upgrading.

Please notice here, today when you search mp3 juice in Google, you may see many fake free mp3 sites:

  •, this site provides similar services as MP3 juices does, but it has a technique trick, that is to say, it will skip an advertisement every time you click this page.
  •, this site almost has no basic maintenance, the FAQs is null.
  •, while this site absolutely can’t open.
  •, this site will directly skip to, but has no results.

If we mistake something, you can leave comments in the end of the page, thanks.

Because the MP3Juices is really famous and familiar to public, so a lot of similar free mp3 websites want to fake it. Here I want to show you the real MP3 juices – (in this paper, referred to as MP3Juices). Let’s catch the points together.

What is MP3Juices

MP3Juices, one of the most popular and fastest mp3 search engines in the world. With its search engine you can search for an artist or a song name in several downloading sources and download the results for free. MP3Juices has prepared best music for us, including YouTube, Soundcloud, vk, nhaccuatui, PromoDJ, Yandex, 4shared and Archive.

Besides, they spare no efforts to update their resources, let’s check some examples from its latest upgrade news on Oct 20, 2016:

  • We have removed the download sources Goear, YourListen and 3dl for the following reasons:
  • - Goear stopped offering free music. Now it is only possible to get music with a registered and payed subscription. It is not possible to get any free files. So we have removed it.
  • - YourListen the quality of the files has dropped. They have not added any new tracks either, so we have removed it.
  • - 3dl got shut down. Reason unknown.
  • - Nhaccuatui is as new download source. They deliver high quality files, you just need to be a bit patient when using this download source, because their loadings are really slow.
  • Some info about Yandex: it seems that they do not answer directly every time with results. So please repeat your search, at least 3 up to 5 times to make sure if there is no actual results for your search.

Do you have more confidence from their efforts of updating?

What’s more, MP3Juices has provided a conversion service: YouTube video to mp3. That is to say, you can copy the link of YouTube to download the corresponding mp3, or rip/grab mp3 from YouTube video.

Furthermore, it has nicely offered the mp3 cutter service to people. What is MP3Juices mp3 cutter? It helps you easily cut off the extra or the quiet part of the song. After all, different sources of free music are always not so perfect.

Well, as you see they provide people with so good services. You must ask me. Is it free? Yes, totally free. They make profit through advertising. But advertising is always unpleasant, which always let us install a variety of software. However, if you know how to avoid these ads, so you'll enthuse about MP3Juices. Next, I will share some tips to tell you how to efficiently avoid these unnecessary ads. After you have read this bible, you can easily get started.

How to download free music from safely

I will introduce MP3Juices from next several parts - How to use MP3Juices correctly without unnecessary troubles:

  • Way 1, search & download free music with song name or artist;
  • Way 2, download mp3 from YouTube video with the exact video URL;
  • How to use MP3Juice mp3 cutter to edit mp3s;
  • How to save online free mp3 to public cloud, like Dropbox.

Some questions you may have:

  • Is safe?
  • Is it legal to download mp3s from

Way 1. Search MP3 Music & Download free

Enter into, you will see a music search box, click the manage resource, you can choose the music source you want to search. It has default for YouTube and Souncloud; As well there has other music resources, like vk, nhaccuatui, PromoDJ, Yandex, 4shared, Archive.

The default resources YouTube and Sound cloud has quantity of free music, which usually can satisfy your searching needs. You can try other resources if you can’t your music by default resources. Or you can try these resources one by one; There will always be the one you want.

In fact, it provides two kinds of mp3 juice music download services for customers. I will introduce them respectively.

1) Search and Download Song

We can take how to download “fake love” for example. We can search 14 songs when we input the music fake love – Drake, top one music in iTunes. Here you can find all search results for fake love, about 14 matching results.

mp3juice free music download

Notice: Although is free, it gets profits through advertisement. The button download and play now in the picture above are not downloading buttons. MP3juice of course marks the ads, but many of new users can't notice and easily click the two buttons. The true mp3juice free music download button is below the screen. You should drag the screen until you see the two white buttons. Then you can take it easy to download free music that you have searched before.

mp3juice free music download button

If you cannot assure which one is the song you want because many songs have the same name. Here you need to make a comparison. We also take the song Drake for example. To solve this problem, you can click the button play, then you can watch the video of the song (source from YouTube) or listen to the music from music source such as Soundcloud, thus you can judge if this song is your target song. Keep it in mind that the two black buttons are ads, opposite with the previous black buttons, do not click them, which is big trick, directly ignore them please.

preview free mp3 video

If you have assured that the song is what you want to download, just click the stop button and click to download. Then you’ll see a drop-down box, please notice the black button of download existing here is the true download button. The advertisement buttons have become blue color now.

In general, you need 4 steps to finish downloading. Firstly, input the music you want, then click the button play to listen, next, click the white button to download, black download button existing means you have download successfully. Except for the four steps above, any other extra tops are unnecessary. It is really an excited adventure to download free music inMP3juice.cnn.

download free music

Quick tip: There’s always a small word of “Advertisement” under the trick button, please bear in mind and never ever click on that. Then you won’t be bothered by advertisements anymore.

Trick buttons in MP3juice

Way 2. How to Download Free Music From YouTube Video

2) Download MP3 from YouTube Video

From above instruction of searching music, we know we can directly search and download free music of YouTube from MP3juice. Some of you might ask whether we can download dubbing or background music of a music video. The answer is yes, absolutely yes!MP3 juices provides people with such kind of service, you just need to paste the link of the music video to the search box and click to search.

For example, if we want to download the song of the most popular music video - the weekend, we just need to paste the link to the search box. Please attention: the two big mp3juice music download buttons and play now button are ads. The two blue buttons are ads as well.

Download MP3 from YouTube Video

Except for providing people with two services of downloading music and grabbing audio from YouTube video, mp3 juices also provides MP3 cutting service for people. After all, some junk materials may be attached into many free mp3 music.

MP3 cutter has two common models:

  • a. Remove silence from mp3
  • b. Change length of mp3

Download MP3 from YouTube Video

Mp3 Downloader for Mobile, Especially for iPhone, iPhone7

In February 2016, mp3juice has upgraded a new function of cloud storage. Users can download their music to cloud, like dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, which means these songs can be saved in cloud while downloading. You are able to select a cloud provider where you can save your mp3juice music download, so you don't need to download it to your device.

choose to save music files in cloud storage

After you select a cloud provider a “save to cloud” button will appear on each download.

save to Cloud

Is MP3Juices safe?

Really a good question. From above trial experience, we may easily click the ads, which may carry virus to harm our computers. Viruses always make money for the creators and the ones who distribute them. No such thing as a free lunch in this world...apart from these answers, lol. If you follow our bible step by step, you will avoid many problems.

Is MP3Juices legal?

MP3 juice is updated just like music Google, which just provide services for people to search and download free music with no copyright. Whether it’s YouTube, Sound Cloud or any other website, you can find many royalty free songs that has been made available for free by its maker. They allow people to download and listen to such music for free. Some of them even allow using them for commercial purpose. If you are downloading such music files, MP3 Juice and You both are safe. But if you want to download copyright music, we wouldn't recommend you use MP3juice.


OK, today I have shared you a complete overview about the most popular free mp3 downloads. Including its change news, how to download free music from it without annoying ads, how to make free music downloads from YouTube videos, it’s safety and copyrights and etc. Although MP3 Juice has revised several times, it is basically one of a practical free mp3 download sites. It offers us mp3 music download free with no copyright and also can download background music from music videos. As long as you use it according to our bible above, it will bring you great convenience. Last, if you have any other confusion about mp3 juices, please leave me a comment. May you a wonderful day!

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