MP3 GOO| How to Download Free Music ?(Best Alternative Included)

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Sep 17, 2018


MP3 Goo is the name of an online download site where you can download songs in MP3 format.

But when you search for MP3 goo on Google, you will find more than one website called MP3 goo, maybe you know that the one you want must be in it, but you still have to check it one by one.

And you should be aware that maybe they don't meet your need to download songs, so you still want to waste time checking?

Yes, but let me do this for you.

We tested all sites named MP3 goo. Can it be successfully downloaded mp3 music? If not, is there a better alternative? We are unveiled it for you today.

Part 1 How Many MP3 Goo Sites on the Internet?

As the results show on the search engine, MP3 goo does not have the only correct website, so how many? Let's take a look.



When you first see this website, you will find that it is really like a download site, you can search and you can also see some songs next to it. But once you take a good look at the website and use it, you will find that this is not the case at all. Although you can search for it, you can't find the song you want, even if you find a song, you can’t download it. Those song names are just some articles. After you click in, you will only see some information related to the songs, such as singer information, albums and lyrics. Unfortunately, you can't download them at all.

In general, this website only earns your clicks, but it does allow you to download any song.



At first glance, this site seems to be a bit like the first one? Don't worry about it, let's see if this website has earned your clicks relentlessly, again. Good news is: it works on music download.

How to download mp3 music on mp3goo?

1. Search YouTube music by link. Which means that you need to choose music on YouTube and copy its link, and search on MP3GOO.

2. Download MP3 /MP4. You are only allowed to download MP3 and MP4, there is no more options for that.

Well. It's not bad for the download experience, no ads and no redirected pages. But that is when you have used this website, if you are coming in for the first time, you will still click on the annoying advertisement.



Sadly, as soon as you open this website, you will see a row of advertisements in front of you, but there is no way. Many of these websites rely on advertising to make a profit. The important thing is whether this website allows us to download free music. The answer is YES! You can download the music you want here.

How to download mp3 music on mp3goo?

1. Search music by link and keyword. Unlike other websites, you can enter the name of the song you want instead of copying the link. As long as you know the name of a song, you can search for the song directly by typing, which is very convenient.

2. Download MP3 in 64k, 128k, 192k, 256k and 320k. You can download the highest quality MP3 and you have more than one quality options.

3. Download video in MP4, WebM and 3GP. You are allowed to download music video from YouTube in diverse formats.


When you download the page, you will find 2 download buttons, you have to be careful, because one of the buttons will definitely make you encounter ads you hate, so remind you here, the orange button, just ignore it.

The above are three download sites called MP3 goo, which one do you want?

The website name is the same, but the content is not exactly what you want. You have known that one of the websites turned out to be a "swindler", so if you don't check it, you may be cheated.

As for downloading songs, the experience just is so so. If you barely download the favorite songs, you are lucky, but they are far from being called a good website to download free music. If you have higher requirements for music downloads, then you can't miss the sharing below.

Part 2 The Best MP3GOO Alternative – Free MP3 Finder

The music download site I am about to introduce has the best music download experience on the market. Whether it is downloading music or video, it even has many powerful features that you can't imagine.

Free MP3 Finder developed by AmoyShare team. It’s an online free mp3 music downloader and you can download any music and video from the Internet for free.

  Free mp3 finder

So, as a free music download site, which features does it has? Let’s break them download!

1. MP3 songs downloader. You can search and download music from YouTube, Jamendo, 4Shared and Archive. FMF also supports 1000+ sites for you to discover more music.

2. Music video online downloader. Not only mp3 music, Free MP3 Finder enables you to download music video from supported websites.

3. Audio converter online. Besides downloading mp3 music, you also allowed to convert music files as MP3, M4A, WebM, etc.

4. Hi-Res audio up to 320k. You can download music in the best quality.

5. 100% ad-free and virus-free. There is no ad, virus and plug-ins, everything is safe and clean.

How to download free music with Free MP3 Finder?

1. Search music. Enter the song name, paste link of a song, a playlist or a YouTube channel.

2. Play music. Free MP3 Finder has the preview function which means you can stream the music before you download it as an MP3.

3. Download music. When you find the music on Free MP3 Finder then you can hit the “Download” button, you will have many choices about file formats and quality. FMF provide audio formats like MP3, WebM and M4A, video formats like MP4, WebM and 3GP.


It certainly does not only provide these formats and quality, if you want more formats and choices, then the FMF desktop – AnyMusic can meet your requirements. More functions like playlist download, music convert and protect files are available on AnyMusic.


After you are familiar with these MP3 GOO websites, do you want to use them next time? Honestly, I would choose Free MP3 Finder decisively. I like the web design and experience of this website, it is my first choice. Don't hesitate any more, hurry and try.

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