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Lil Pump Songs |Free Download Top 10 Hits

Last updated: 2018-01-11 | Eva C Levy
Lil Pump Songs

Gazzy Garcia, is known professionally by his stage name, Lil Pump.

He is a rapper and songwriter from Miami, Florida.

He is a new rising star.

He has attracted much concern since he released his debut album, Lil Pump (2017).

Do you like his music style?

Which song is your favorite?

Do you want to know more about this prospective young man?

Here are our top 10 picks about Lil Pump songs.

Let’s have a look!

1. Gucci Gang

“Yeah, woo, burr, burr, Gucci gang, woo
Yeah, Lil Pump, yeah, Gucci gang, woo, yeah
Big Head on the beat, burr
Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang”

Gucci Gang is a single produced by Big Head​, which is regarded as the most popular song from Lil Pump. The song charted on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart and the Hot Rap Songs chart at No.2.

Also, it peaked at No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the shortest song to enter the top 10 on the chart since 1975. The song really has aroused big concern around the world.

2. D Rose

“100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (what)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (brr)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (ooh)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist”

The song was released in Lil Pump’s first album, with the same name called Lil Pump (2017). The accompanying video directed by ColeBennett has received over 108 million views on YouTube.

This song keeps repeating the same lyrics. Therefore, it’s quite easy to remember it. Maybe you don’t understand what the song wants to deliver at the beginning, while you’ll be impressed by his charming voice.

Let’s feel his music!

3. Flex Like Ouu

“Everybody know I'm up next yeah
Everybody know I flex ouu
I run through these checks ouu
I flex on my ex ouu”

Flex Like Ouu comes from the album as same as D Rose, which shows Lil Pump’s unique music style. The song’s video has been played for over 58 million times on YouTube.

XXL spoke highly of the album, “a project that confirms its creator’s arrival and his place as one of the leading men in the SoundCloud rap scene.” Undoubtedly, I think the song also contributes a lot to the honor.

Here is the download link of the song. Click on it and you’ll get the song for free.

4. Molly

“Lil Pump, rich, he finna get richer
I popped a bean, and fuck on your sister
Nut on her lip, and then you gon' kiss her
Ice on my neck, it lookin' like glitter (brr, brr)”

Molly is a song written by Garcia, Murray and Keith Cozart and produced by Bighead and Ronny J. The official audio has gotten over 15 million views up to now.

From the song, you’ll feel Lil Pump’s talent for music and I’m sure you’ll be attracted by the young but creative man. Don’t hesitate to play the song and share your feelings with us!

5. Boss

“Damn, yeah I sold crack in the halls
Damn, Lil Pump, bands on top
Damn, gave my mom 2 Glocks
Damn, everybody do wanna be me”

Boss was written by Garcia and Sebastian Baldeon and was produced by Diablo, which went to No.40 on the US R&B chart and No.93 on the Canada chart.

With the beats, you’ll shake your body and head unconsciously. From my perspective, it’s also a song fit for party. Don’t you think so?

6. What U Sayin’

“What you gotta say? What you gotta say
What you gotta say? What you gotta say
Pull up in a Wraith, flexin' every day
Gucci everything, Louis everything”

What U Sayin’ is considered as the lead single in his debut album, written by Gazzy Garcia and Omar Pineiro. Lil Pump cooperated with Smokepurpp, bringing the song different feelings.

Actually, that’s the first song I heard from Lil Pump. After that, I became interested in this rising musician. If you haven’t known much about Lil Pump, the song must be one of your best choices!

7. Iced Out

“Pockets on overload
I never sold my soul
What you want me to turn you on
I got the remote control”

Iced Out was written by Garcia, Andrews and Tauheed Epps. This song also features 2 Chainz. It reached No.8 on the US R&B chart and is popular among young people. The official audio has garnered over 30 million plays on YouTube.

You won’t forget the beats and the consequent repeats of lyrics when listening to it. What’s your most unforgettable detail in the song? Listen to it and share with us below!

8. Back

“All I do is count racks, ooh
Told that bih throw that shit back, ooh
All I do is count racks, ooh
Told that bih throw that shit back, ooh”

Back is a song from his album, Lil Pump, written by Garcia, Miles McCollum and Nosakhere Andrews. The song ranked at No.5 on the US Bubbling Under R&B/ Hip-hop Singles chart and No.22 on the US Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles.

Although the lyrics are simple, you’ll still feel the interesting beats from the song. Do you like the song? Download it by the link below and share your thoughts!

9. Youngest Flexer

“Somebody please tell me where my money machine at
My money dirty
I'm tryna think of ways I can clean that
I spent at least 3 million dollars just on the pieces
These haters think they can keep up Man, they can't believe it”

Youngest Flexer is a song cooperated with Gucci Mane and written by Garcia, Murray and Radric Davis. The official audio has been broadcasted for over 3.7 million times on YouTube.

I was surprised at Gucci Mane’s attractive vocal when I first listened to the song. It sounds a little different from Lil Pump’s. Do you agree with me?

10. Crazy

“Jump in this bitch and go crazy, ayy
Jump in this bitch and go crazy, ooh
Your diamonds is so fugazi, ooh
Your diamonds is so fugazi, ayy”

Crazy is a single comes from the same album as Gucci Gang. Its official audio has achieved over 5.1 million views on YouTube. The song has received mixed reviews since it was released.

For me, it is really easy to sing along. I was stuck in the lyrics and beats after listening for only once. And you?


That’s all about our top 10 picks.

Did you find your favorite one?

Or do you have different opinions about top 10 Lil Pump songs?

Please feel free to share your ideas or feelings with us in the comments.

Thanks for your reading and have a nice day!

See you next time!

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