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Download John Legend Songs – Top 10 Hit Singles

Last updated: 2018-01-26 | Eva C Levy
download John Legend songs

John Legend is heading back to his popular career, after the cancellation of WGN American’s series Underground.

He is the one who won nine Grammy awards, his first album Get Lifted released in 2004 which went platinum.

In today’s article, you’ll enjoy Top 10 John Legend songs on YouTube.

John Legend has a magnetic and flexible voice with an impressive vocal range that’s well suited R&B and soul genre.

People may be moved to tears when they listen to his music.

If you don’t believe what I have said, then music will give you the answer.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

John Legend Songs Download

1. All of Me

“Give you all to me, and I’ll give my all to you.
You’re my end and my beginning.
Even when I lose I’m wining.
Cause I give you all all of me.”

“All of Me” is from John Legend’s fourth album Love in the Future. It’s dedicated to Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen.

On May 16, 2014, it ranked NO.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming his first No.1 single in the US, and it defeated “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, which had occupied the first place for 10 weeks.

According to the IFPI, “All of Me” was the third best-selling song of 2014, with 12.3 million equivalent-units worldwide (sales and streaming).

This song can express your great love to your significant other. So I highly recommend you to use it as BGM when you make a proposal or at the wedding.

2. Beauty and the Beast

“Tale as old as time,
True as it can be.
Barely even Friends,
Then somebody bends.”

This is a new generation’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

John Legend and Ariana Grande recorded the theme song of the same name Disney live-action film together.

The original “Beauty and the Beast” won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe.

But today, two young and outstanding singers – John Legend and Ariana Grande are bringing the song back with a new school/old school fresh treatment that shows the soulfulness.

3. Love Me Now

“I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone,
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have.
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over.
I don’t wanna think about it.
I want you to love me now.”

“Love Me Now” serves as lead single from John Legend’s fifth studio album Darkness and Light.

His magnetic voice can always make you feel peace. When he singing: “I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone, so I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have…” It feels like the whole world is full of love, makes people want to be in love.

The music video depicts couples from different cultures expressing their love to each other. It also features Legend with his wife Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna Simone Stephens. This song just like a love letter to displays his happy married life.

4. You & I (Nobody in the World)

“All of the stars you make them shine like they were ours.
Ain’t nobody in the world tonight,
But you and I.
You and I.”

What John Legend songs are you most moved by?

I’ll pick You & I (Nobody in the world), because John Legend’s lyric and video touched me a lot.

The video delivers a compelling message of self-love, self-acceptance, and beauty through various women of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes, even cancer survivors. In the video, they’re all looking in the mirror and trying to adjust their already perfect selves.

As Legend serenades “All of the stars, they don’t shine brighter than you are,” all girls begin to smile with confidence. I think it’s probably the most inspiring part of the song. Anyway, you definitely can’t miss this music video.

Be warmed, you’ll need tissues when you listen to this John Legen song.

5. Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

“Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had,
I hit you with the best flow, freestlying in the restroom,
Till you blowing cigarette smoke and now bad’s gone.”

Dim the light.

Bring Tonight to your bedroom.

Legend sings on the explicit Phatboi production, which features a verse from Ludacris. The song is the soundtrack to the romantic comedy Think like a Man.

6. Ordinary People

“We’re just ordinary people,
We don’t know which way to go.
Cuz we’re ordinary people,
Maybe we should take it slow.”

It was written and produced by Legend and William for his debut album Get Lifted, released as the album's second single and later certified gold by the RIAA.

Critics were positive towards the song, praising it for its raw emotion and simplicity. "Ordinary People" won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

The idea for the song is that relationships are difficult to maintain. If you are in a relationship and facing some problem, this song may help you get relieved. Legend’s voice may give you some soft comfort and rational suggestion.

7. Surefire

“We can’t lose hope just yet,
Cause it’s once just once in a lifetime.
We’re scared to love but it’s alright.
I may not know a lot of things but I know that we’re surefire.
Know that we’re surefire.”

John Legend is using this song “Surefire” to prove that true love is no border, no matter how hard is to conquer culture difference and racial rhetoric.

“Surefire” is a reminder that, no matter how crazy the world beyond your front door is, you don’t have to face anything alone. Find the person you love and cherish, hold onto them, stick together, and then go out into the world to make it a better place knowing you have a safe place to land.

8. Who Did that to You?

“Now I’m not afraid to do the lord’s work,
You say vengeance is his, but imma do it first.
I gonna handle my business in the name of the law.
To forgive is God’s duty, but mine is to send him to the God

John Legend sings the song for the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django Unchained” which is more than excellent.

Legend said “It’s about retribution, it’s about avenging your lover’s honor, and it’s about a desire to find your love and exact retribution on whoever harmed her, which obviously fits perfectly with the plot of Django.”

9. Save Room

“Save room for my love,
Save room for a moment to be with me.
Save room for my love,
Save a little, save a little for me.”

“Save Room” is a Joyful love song, written by John Legend along with

In this song, Legend tries to convince a girl to keep a relationship with him. The phrase “save room” is often used to let someone know a good dessert will be served at the end of a meal.

Isn’t it a great choice to listen to this song while you’re enjoying a dessert?

10. Everybody Knows

“Cause everybody knows but nobody really knows.
How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt.”

"Everybody Knows" is the third single taken from John Legend's third studio album, Evolver. The song was released as a download only single in the UK on 23 March 2009, which coincided with his UK tour for Evolver.

The song refers to how people know that they have broken up but they don’t really know the reasons why and how. For people with broken hearts, they may find themselves crying in this songs.

John Legend Discography

Studio albums 5
Live albums 4
Video albums 2
EPs 3
Singles 38

John Legend has released 5 studio albums, including Get Lifted (2004), Once Again (2006), Evolver (2008), Love in the Future (2013), and Darkness and Light (2016).

1. Get Lifted Full Album YouTube Playlist

2. Once Again Full Album YouTube Playlist

3. Evolver Full Album YouTube Playlist

4. Love in the Future Full Album YouTube Playlist

5. Darkness and Light Full Album YouTube Playlist

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John Legend Tour 2018

In the coming March, John Legend will have 10 concerts in Asia.


You can find out when John Legend is next playing live near you at his official site.

More Information

John Legend official Site:
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John Legend Facebook: @johnlegend
John Legend Twitter: @johnlegend
John Legend Instagram: @johnlegend


That’s all for today’s sharing!

Hope you enjoy 10 best John Legend’s song above, and have you got all the songs free download?

If not, don’t forget to click on the direct download link below the music video.

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