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Easter Songs Streaming Online and Free Download 2018

Last updated: 2018-02-14 | Eva C Levy
Easter songs

After Christmas, Easter is the most important day of the year for Christians.

Easter is the time that Christians recollect the sacrifice of Christ.

It’s also the time to sing praise for Christ.

So, while you get started planning how many Easter eggs to make.

You would also possibly look for the best Easter songs.

We have listed some of the most sought after hymns that you can choose from.

Now, let’s get started.

Easter Songs for Church

1. Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)

Chris Tomlin’s ability to bring back some of the best hymns back into the modern world has been a great contribution. One such hymns from the 17th Century is ‘Amazing Grace’ that goes on to explain the journey of life and death and the very journey of life.

2. Man of Sorrows

This is one of the most touching Easter songs that is liked by many. This is one of those Easter songs by Hillsong that takes you through the phase of endurance and resurrection of Christ.

3. Build My Life

This Easter song by Passion can give Christ’s followers all the motivation that they need. This song purely delves in the devotion of Christ and seeks his guidance. This is a favourite amongst the regular church goers.

4. Cornerstone

This Easter song speaks of hope and strength. This song also describes the virtue of Jesus at length and is a regular at most churches.

5. Here I’ am To Worship

The title says it all about this classic Easter song written by Tim Hughes with one of the catchiest Bridges. This is one of the best Easter songs for church that narrates the wonderful deeds of Christ.

6. Because He Lives

This song by Gloria and Bill Gaither is filled with devotion in Jesus. This Easter song was written by Gloria when she was going through a tough phase but resurrection reminded her to hold on.

7. I Will Rise

As the words go, Jesus did rise from his grave and that is what Easter is all about. This Easter song from Chris Tomlin is a noteworthy contribution that gives hope to the grief-struck.

8. Forever

This song by Kari Jobe is all about the glory, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ making it an ideal Easter song.

9. See The Conqueror

Easter is all about the death and resurrection of Christ and singing the praises of Christ. This Easter song by Jenny and Tyler Somers is one that brings this hymn from 1800 to its full glory.

10. Remember

This Easter song from Passion is from the album ‘Salvation’s Tide is Rising’ and ever since its release in 2016, it is one of the popular Easter songs.

Popular Easter Songs

1. Easter Song

This song recorded in 1974 is one of the most popular Easter songs that’s written by Annie Herring that focuses on resurrection which is the very theme of Easter. It further talks about faith and the firm belief of Christians in resurrection.

2. Christ is Risen

Matt Maher’s magical voice adds more effect to the theme of resurrection which is the prime focus of this Easter song. Released in 2009, this is one of the best numbers from the album ‘Alive Again’.

3. See what a Morning

This Easter song has one side of it talking about Christ and resurrection, while the other guiding the listener through the journey of life. This Easter song was released in the year 2006 and sung by Stuart Townend.

4. Grace to Grace

This song sings of the glory of Jesus and his sacrifices made for the betterment of his people. It speaks of how Christ sacrificed himself to pay for the deeds of his followers and about his endurance. This Easter song by Hillsong has been popular and continues to be performed by believers.

5. Glorious Day

This Easter song by Casting Crowns takes you through the birth of Christ as to how he was born and some other important events in the life of Jesus. The conclusion speaks of how Christ carried away the sins of his follower while being crucified.

6. Look To The Son

This Easter song is all about how the followers of Jesus live in his mercy and due to the sacrifices made by the son of God, whom they adore and worship. This is a simple Easter song by Hillsong that dwells in the recollection of Christ’s greatness toward his followers.

7. Waves

This Easter song is written by the trio Josh Gauton, Luke Hellebronth and Anna Hellebronth. This song primarily focuses on the followers asking Jesus for his mercy upon them and a shower of blessings too. This Easter song can be categorized in the peace and hope category.

8. Crowns

This Easter song is filled with humility where the believer sings that nothing is more precious to him than Christ and his sacrifices made for the sake of his believers. This Easter song by Hillsong is written by Michael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings and Scott Groom.

9. I Will Boast in Christ

This Easter song is written by Scott Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan and is again from Hillsong. The writers have tried their best to express that all that they have is because of Jesus and Jesus alone and nothing belongs to them.

10. Christ Lives in me

Rend Collective and Ed Cash have written this Easter song and the lyrics express more of reformation and leaving the old ways behind and the writer becoming one with Jesus.

Easter songs for kids

1. This Is The Way The Bunny Hops

This Easter song is an ideal one for your little tots in preschool. This is in fact one of the most popular Easter songs because it’s really simple for your kids to sing and also do some foot tapping with it.

2. Here Comes Peter Cottontail

This is one of the most liveliest and fun-filled Easter song for kids. Your kids could dress up as cute bunnies and sing this song which is easy for kids to pick up.

3. Five Little Bunnies

This could be a great Easter song for kids apart from being a counting song. Released in 2014, this song was an instant hit.

4. Hippity Hop

This is an ideal Easter song for kids to be introduced in any Easter day celebration. This is a great way to involve the kids in the fun-filled activities of this day as they perform. You could have a group of kids singing this song and hopping around on that stage collecting Easter eggs. Some of them could also dress up as Easter bunnies and that would make this performance more entertaining.

5. My Pretty Easter Basket

This Easter song is an entertaining one to get the kids to perform. The older kids could sing this song while the younger ones dressed in pretty frocks could walk around collecting eggs in their Easter baskets. This Easter song is simple and easy for kids to remember with a lot of rhyming in it.

6. Silly Easter Bunny

This is a very simple Easter song that has easy lyrics for smaller tots to sing. It basically goes like “Oh No Silly Bunny, Oh No Silly Bunny, what did he forget” and every time that is sung, a word is tossed across like basket, ears, watch or something else. This Easter song by Maple Leaf Learning can be a great performance if combined with the right actions and costumes.

7. Hosanna Jesus Is Our King

This Easter song narrates the story of Jesus in a simplistic manner and with wordings that are easy for the kids to pick. It can also be enacted dramatically with costumes and sets to make it livelier.

8. On That First Easter

This Easter song is ideal for 4th graders and above to sing and it speaks of the first Easter day and the sacrifices of Jesus and his rising that the Christians believe in. This song has a peppy tune that makes the entire story of Easter interesting.

9. Alive, Alive

This Easter Song by Gods Kid Worship is a simple song sung by Christians who believe that Jesus is still alive. The words of this song are simple and the tune is easy for kids to pick.

10. We Believe

This Easter song is performed by Lisa who teaches sign language for kids to perform on. There are also lyrics played on the background. This is easy for kids to see and learn from if you are short on time.


The above is our lists of Easter songs.

Are our lists meeting your needs?

These are some of the Easter songs that you can’t miss having on your list.

You could sing them at Church or simply play them in the praise of Jesus Christ.

We welcome comments on what our readers have to say on each song that we’ve listed.

Also let us know some of your favourites and maybe we could put them all together and share that with our other readers too.

Finally, don’t forget to free download Easter songs by clicking the link below each YouTube video.

Wish you a wonderful day.

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