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Easter Gift Ideas | Best Gift for Kids, Adults and Easter Treats

Last updated: 2018-02-12 | Eva C Levy
Easter gift

Easter is a special and sacred event for all of us.

People celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on this day.

And give special Easter gifts to each other.

Today, there are so many Easter gifts on the market.

It’s confusing to choose the best for kids and adults.

If you’re still struggling with it,

Then you have stepped to the right place!

Here, I listed best Easter gifts for kids and adults.

Wish this list could bring you some ideas.

1. Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Coloring books can be a great gift for kids and toddlers. Even there are great coloring books for adults too. On this colorful Easter, what can be greater than giving someone a colorful gift?

2. Carrot Boxes

Carrot Boxes

If you are trying to make something DIY for the kids then carrot boxes can be a great gift design filled with chocolates and candies. Something like this can easily delight the kids so it is a must try.

3. Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Just like the Easter bunny, this Easter egg is also characterized the holy bond between us and this holiday. Easter eggs are edible and mostly filled with some treat inside them like candies or toys.

4. Customized Easter Slippers


The customized gifts are always a cheer up for kids. Easter bunny shoes and slippers are a great deal for small children. Well, would you not be excited to see your kids wearing these? Yes, you would be so this can also be a gift you can use this spring.

5. Personalized Easter Basket


On the off chance that you have a kid with a sweet tooth, you should give them an Easter bin impeccable to hold their treats. These baskets are made by the wool and are very fluffy to touch. Kids can use them to carry their toys and other stuff like candy.

● Best Gift for Adults

1. Bath Eggs

Bath Eggs

Bath eggs can make your bath time more fun. They have natural essential oils and exotic fragrances. As eggs are symbolically related to Easter so it can be a great gift for adults on Easter to give as it is beneficial for their health and physical beauty.

2. Adult Easter Basket

Adult basket

Easter baskets are more common for kids. But what about adults? Many people love the idea of basket gifts. You can give an Adult Easter Basket to your loved ones. You can fill up the basket with great stuff like fruits, coffee, chocolates, a bottle of champagne, flowers or dry fruits. You can add makeup products too if it is a lady.

3. Weave Basket

Weave Basket

Weave basket must be popular with women. For one thing, it is stylish which can add some style to your home. For another, it can optimize home organization.

4. Easter Glass Jars

Glass Jars

Another thing that you can make an easy DIY gift for Easter is glass jars. This could be the best and exceptional gift for your friends and families.

5. Plush Robe

Plush Robe

Plush robe is the perfect gift for your loved ones. This plush robe is great for comfort all day and night, especially when you want to get cozy on a cold day. It’s like getting hugged by a huge teddy bear, which is warm and comfortable.

● Easter Treats

1. Easter Nest

Ester Nest

Easter nest is a great customized desert filled with Easter eggs, chocolates, graham crackers and almonds.

2. Giant Easter Egg Cookies

Egg Cookies

Giant Easter egg cookies are customized colorful cookies and best for the people with a sweet tooth.

3. Easter Cookie Cups

Easter cookie cups

Easter cookie cups are small cupcakes designed with small handmade colorful eggs that are decorated on the top of the cream layer that makes the perfect look for your Easter treat.

4. Bunny Cake

Bunny cake

Bunny cakes are special cakes that you will on every bakery in this special event. You can even make your own bunny cake at home for your family and kids.

5. Akvavit


When it comes to the Easter at Russian side, then how can we forget Akvavit . Akvavit is a liquor drink more like we can say that it is just like beer but the ratio of alcohol in it is a little higher than beer. It contains 40% liquor, which is way more than the beer but at the event of Easter it is very common even in the day time.


So, these were some of the easy to make and design Easter gifts that will surely make your event more special than before.

Let’s celebrate this Easter by spreading joy and happiness to our families and friends by treating them with something special.

Without these Easter gift and treats, the day is not complete.

Once you have tried these unique gifts and treats, you will wish that Easter could come more than once a year.

Finally, thanks for you reading.

Wish you have a wonderful day!

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