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How to Download Videos from Youtube to MP3

Last updated: 2017-07-31 | Eva C Levy
download videos from youtube to mp3

YouTube is the largest videos and audio sharing website in the world today.

It’s not only a great place to stream your favorite songs, but also online learning.

If you are a student who wants to learn a foreign language, or extract background music from a movie for a party, you need to download videos from YouTube to MP3.

Actually you can find dozens of MP3 extractors for YouTube in the market.

What should be your first option?

My personally favorite one is AnyMusic, it’s an all-around music tool which can works as music downloader, YouTube converter, and music player.

As for How to Choose YouTube to MP3 Downloader...

It is hard to find a suitable YouTube MP3 Downloader among tens of thousands of results.

Whether you’re a student or a music lover, you only have to list the requirements for the program first. And then choose the YouTube Video to MP3 Downloader accordingly.

Following is my criteria for a good YouTube downloader.

  • Download YouTube video to MP3 in high quality
  • Sync downloaded YouTube MP3 files to other devices
  • Extract MP3 from YouTube in batch process
  • Get the whole playlist of the YouTube files in one click
  • Search for the desired music or audio files
  • Manage the downloaded files within the program

I think these points generally cover the needs for music lovers.

What I love about AnyMusic is that it qualifies all above features, so you can understand why I can’t stop talking about it.

Now let’s see how to download videos from YouTube to MP3 with AnyMusic.

How to Download a Video from YouTube as MP3?

Just download and install the latest version of AnyMusic from the official website first.

And then you can launch the program to extract MP3 from YouTube files to different devices with the following process.

Step 1: Copy and Paste the URLs of the YouTube Videos

If you do have the links of the YouTube video files, you only need to copy the links from YouTube to the program. Both download and Convert options allow you to download YouTube video to MP3 files.

YouTube videos

In addition to that, you can also search and download free music with keywords, such as the name of the songs, artists, albums and other information about the audio file. When you enter the key words for the videos, you can get dozens of results fetched by the program.

Step 2: Preview the Video Content before Downloading

In order to download YouTube video to MP3 with the right file, you can check the details of the videos, or click the Play button to preview the video files before extracting MP3 from the YouTube.

YouTube videos

Step 3: Choose a Format and Download the Audio Track

Select a file type for the music you want to download. Just click on the format, and the music download will start automatically. You can check the downloading process or view the downloaded music files in the Library.

YouTube videos


You just download videos from YouTube to MP3 in …… I guess just in 1 minute!

Well, now you may ask:

How to add the downloaded YouTube music to mobile phone?

No hurry. Just hear me out.

Once you download the video files to MP3. Click the Change Saved Directory to iTunes > iTunes Media > Music, and the music will be added to iTunes in seconds.

YouTube videos

Besides the YouTube files, you can also download Facebook video to MP3 as well as other online streaming sites.

You can take advantage of the music file management AnyMusic when you have to download a large number of videos from YouTube to MP3 format.

If you have other suggestions for AnyMusic, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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