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Country Music Downloads | Quick Tips and Tricks

Last updated: 2017-08-24 | Eva C Levy
country music downloads

Are you a country music fan?

Seriously, when do you truly know about the country music?

To be honest, it takes a long time for me to do that!

Then, here is the question:

What is the best way to enjoy the country music?

Your answer must be “download”!

Meanwhile, you may wonder:

How can I find an available and easy way to get country music downloads?

Today, I am going to share with you a super easy and amazing guide to do this task.

Just follow me!

#1 An Easy-Operated Country Music Downloader with Superpower

Before we start our downloading task, we need a magic tool to help us.

I mean a nice downloading software just like a wingman.

It will make the whole downloading process faster and more fluent.

In this super huge downloader market, we have many choices.

And that maybe is your struggle point.

Due to this, we have already tested about 20+ different downloaders and compared their pros and cons.

And I tell you what is going on:

AnyMusic – this is our weapon!

It has everything you want for a perfect music downloader.

Like what? Focus!

  • A clean interface with light blue.
  • Find your fancy country music with pasting link.
  • Search songs by typing keyword. (You will love this!)
  • Listen to the song before downloading to make sure it’s right.
  • Manage all your music files.
  • No ads.

So now you need to get one in hurry.

Here’s a shortcut for you.

Use your magic finger and grab this application.

Then we can continue our downloading work.

Now, the most important part is coming!

#2 How to Free Download Country Music?

When you have already got familiar with all the merit mentioned above.

It’s time to master them all right now!

We have 5 tips to download your country music off the Internet.

Let’s break them down one by one!

NO.1 Open that little magic tool – AnyMusic.

You will see a very pure and fresh page, like this:

YouTube videos

NO.2 You are ready to search your target country song.

First, you can search by copying a music URL and pasting it into the search bar.

Second, it’s the most convenient way —— keyword.

Next, I will try these two methods one by one.

Now, try the first one.

Let’s suppose that you want to download “Love story” by Taylor Swift.

That is a typical country song that you would not be strange with that.

Then you copy the URL on YouTube.

This one:

YouTube videos


NO.3 Move to AnyMusic and paste the URL into the search box.

Hit the search button on the right side.

Then you will see the search result.

AnyMusic has 4 online searching resources and 1000+ sites supported, you definitely will find something you want.

YouTube videos

In order to make sure that is what you want for 100%, you can listen to the song by hitting the “Play” before you download it.

I think this is a humanitarian function as a music downloader, you can watch and listen to a song directly on this program, then make your decision if you want to download it.

And it’s also pretty easy to do. Just hit a button, all the problem will be solved!

YouTube videos

When you decide to download this song, then you can choose a format.

Different format means a different quality of video or audio, you can choose according to your preference and your device.

YouTube videos

Now, you have mastered how to download country music quickly.

Next, you can check the downloading process and play it in the library section

Also, you can manage your files and change its saved directory.

YouTube videos


No hurry. We have an easier way to do that.

Typing keywords.

How to do that? Follow me!

Just type these two words “Love Song” into the search bar.

Right song will still show up as usual.

Then repeat the same steps I just told you.

Try it!

So far, I’ve shared two ways for country music downloads.

If you want to download other country music, then you simply enter “country music”.

And you will get a whole country music playlist for downloading.

YouTube videos

Pretty cool!

Ok, my dear friend, do you master all the amazing skills?

It’s quite handy and practical music downloader, also very easy to use, right?

If you think this is good for you to listen and download country music, then share it with more music lover without hesitation!

Leave a comment below, let us know your ideas or suggestions about this article.

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