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Christina Aguilera Songs - Top 10 Songs by Christina Aguilera

Last updated: 2017-11-08 | Eva C Levy
Christina Aguilera songs

Christina Aguilera is known for a chain of hot songs.

She is a bilingual singer, and moreover, she is an actress.

Musically, she is recognized for her rich voice and R&B style, and she has won 5 Grammy Awards so far.

Besides, she’s got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In her songs, we can feel her power and her passion for music and life.

Today, I’m going to share a list of top 10 Christina Aguilera songs on YouTube.

Let’s get started!

1. Christina Aguilera – Say Something

“Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
Anywhere, I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you”

Say Something is a work originally by American duo A Great Big World. Aguilera joined them to re-record the song after it had been used on a TV show. The new version of the song eventually peaked at No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and brought them a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

This emotion-evoking song tells us a heartbreaking story. The lovers are caught in a very complex relationship. Just imagine the situation where we need to say goodbye but our love remains.

2. Christina Aguilera – Hurt

“Oh I’m sorry for blaming yo
For everything I just couldn’t do
And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you”

Hurt was chosen as the second single from Aguilera’s fifth studio album “Back to Basics (2006)”. The song was certified gold by RIAA. Besides, the video won 2 MVPA Awards.

The song may be interpreted differently for listeners. Following the vibe, I naturally think about my grandma who passed away decades ago. I never like that feeling, it hurts. So, do treasure your loved ones.

3. Christina Aguilera – Lady Marmalad

“Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey)
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (Here)
Mocha Chocalata ya ya (Oh yea)
Creole lady Marmalade”

The catchy refrain lingers in my head after listening to the song “Lady Marmalade. The song was first recorded by The Eleventh Hour. But credit goes to LABELLE as they make it go viral. This Aguilera’s version of the song hit Billboard Hot 100 as No.1 for 5 weeks.

The French refrain goes like “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Voulez vous coucher avec moi” simply unfurls the life of lady marmalade. The song is like a kind of short play and I can tell that lady marmalade is wild.

4. Christina Aguilera – Fighter

“Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter”

Fighter is released as the third single from Aguilera’s fourth studio album, Stripped (2002). Upon its release, the rock and roll song received favorable reviews from critics. It was certified gold by RIAA. Besides, it has been sold 1.184 million copies in America while topped several charts overseas as well.

This rock and roll song carries an interesting message which holds my attention. It comforted me when I had focused on the lyrics. Really a good stuff, isn’t it?

5. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger

“Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me ’til you’re drunk and I’ll show you all the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger”

Moves Like Jagger is released by Maroon 5, an American band. It features Christina Aguilera. This electropop made an unbelievable achievement. It just makes Aguilera soar up into the space. And the song has sold over 15 million copies around the world.

The funky melody flies around my mind as I enjoying this commercial success. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera together just give me a reason to buy a HiFi headphone.

6. Christina Aguilera – Candyman

“Candy man, candy man
Sweet, sugar, candy man
I met him out for dinner on a Friday night
He really got me working up an appetite”

Candyman is the third single from Aguilera’s fifth studio album, Back to Basics (2006). This song was certified gold by RIAA. Apart from the nomination for Grammy Awards, the song had sold more than 1.15 million copies in America. Also, the video for the song was nominated for MTV Video Music Award.

The song is an international hit with old-timey theme. When I first heard it, I knew that this is going to be my new love song. I mean the vibe is likable. But lyrics of the song seem to get in trouble, so what’s your opinion about this great hit?

7. Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

“Gonna get rowdy
Gonna get a little unruly
Get it fired up in a hurry
Wanna get dirrty”

Dirrty is the lead single from Aguilera’s fourth studio album, Stripped (2002). It features Redman who is an American rapper. Though the song didn’t do well in homeland, it achieved success overseas.

Well the song got polarized feedback from a bunch of listeners. Some deemed it as a standout song while others described it as filthy. For me, I’d like to take it as a hot dance song.

8. Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle

“If you wanna be with me
Baby there’s a price to pay
I’m a genie in a bottle
You gotta rub me the right way”

Genie in a Bottlewas the lead single from Aguilera’s debut album, Christina Aguilera (1999). It was certified platinum by RIAA and topped the Billboard Hot 100 as well. The song is one of her signature songs.

This song to me is just like a quality pop. I prick up my ears every time I hear this feel-good melody. Though it was released in 1999, it still catches up with the tide. Anyway, I’m going to play it in rotation.

9. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man

“Ain’t no other man that can stand up next to you
Ain’t no other man on the planet does what you do
You’re the kinda guy a girl finds in a blue moon
You got soul, you got class, you got style, you’re bad ass”

Ain’t No Other Man is the lead single from Aguilera’s fifth studio album, Back to Basics (2006). The song peaked at No.6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by RIAA. Besides, the song won Aguilera a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The tune of this funk song has a fast tempo. Just as what Aguilera said “it’s all about feeling good and not taking anything too seriously.” And then I do feel good after listening to the song.

10. Christina Aguilera – Feel This Moment

“I just want to Feel this moment
Whoa, whoa oh oh
I just want toFeel this moment”

The song featured by Christina Aguilera with American rapper Pitbull. It peaked at No.8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by RIAA. The video for the song got a nomination for MTV Video Music Awards.

The hip hop dancing song sends positive information out there. As lyrics goes “I just want to Feel this moment”, indeed life’s too short to take granted for. So, just wear a smile and everything is going to be okay.


That’s all about the top 10 Christina Aguilera songs.

Is your favorite one in the list?

Remember to take your love song away by clicking download links above.

If not, share your list of Christina Aguilera songs with me.

Please feel free to leave comments below whether you have any suggestion.

Have a good day!

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