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Top10 Best Avril Lavigne Songs Ever

Last updated: 2017-09-11 | Eva C Levy
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Canadian singer Avril Ramona Lavigne is a very gifted talent.

She released Let Go, her debut album in 2002.

After that, she has been known as the “Pop Punk Queen“.

Avril is regarded as a crucial artist for her great contributions to advance pop punk music.

So far, Avril has sold more than 40 million albums and over 50 million singles worldwide.

And it helps to rank her the run-up of most popular Canadian female musician, after Celine Dion.

Avril Lavigne songs are so popular worldwide, especially among teenagers. As I see it, she has the courage of a soldier and the sensitiveness of a poet.

If you are a fan of Avril, you must take a look at the following song list.

Now follow my step to appreciate the charm of punk queen!

1. Complicated

Arguably, this is a song derives purely from Avril’s soul. I am sure you will be impressed by the killer catchy chorus.

Avril got the best-textured voice, or should I say the best out of the best. Just feel intoxicated by the evil and demoniacal laugh! Life is complicated but that is the way it is. If life gives you lemons, you can make them into lemonade.

2. I’m with You

Easy and simple as it may sound. I’m with you is undoubtedly one of best Avril Lavigne songs for the good lyrics and perfect tune.

Just imagine!

Avril herself was offering a hand to every lonely mortal. I love her catchy pop and rock beats, and this song is absolutely beautiful and flawless.

3. My Happy Ending

Avril Lavigne songs’ lyrics are the perfect combination of sense and sensibility. My Happy Ending is more than musical. “If you love him, let him go. If he’s yours, he’ll come back to you. If he’s not, he never meant to be.”

Sometimes we need to let go the past so as to welcome our tomorrow. So sometimes breaking up with a bad guy is a happy ending. Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

4. Sk8ter Boi

The song name “Sk8ter Boi” is equal to “Skater Boy.” The audience is easy to be won over the simple storyline. The music video is awesome. It is needless to elaborate why it is regarded as part of her breakthrough.

If you haven’t watched it, you might have a try. Via the song, we learn a lesson – never should we judge a book by its cover.

5. Girlfriend

The first time I heard this song was on a TV dating show If You Are the One. Apart from the guitar riffs on this song, which is very Pop Punk like, I also enjoy the catchy, funny feeling! This was an anthem, the biggest hit of Avril in 2007.

The “Hey hey yo yo I’ll be your girlfriend” part shows us an ardent Avril. She displays her feminism in the video, so as Chanel in her luxury.

6. Wish You Were Here

Life is like a roller coaster, with its ups and downs. I’d like to share all with you, weal or woe, in life and death. It’s very soft and heart touching. Avril Lavigne song’s lyrics are always playing a soulmate role.

7. When You’re Gone

The old man in the touching MV reminds me of the poem, When You Are Old, a masterpiece written by Irish poet William Butler Yeats. There are many kinds of love, among which accompanying for a lifetime is the greatest one. Her voice sounds so original in this song.

8. Nobody’s Home

What an honest song! It shows that however perfect a guy may seem outside, inside they might be dying. The feeling of betrayal lingers in your life and makes you feel so heartbroken. It is just so human, for the total desperation, anger, and emptiness.

9. Smile

Since the day we met, your “hey” had stolen my heart. You’re the one who makes me wanna sing. Just like Nancy Reagan confessed in the book, My Turn, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again. My life didn’t begin until I met Ronnie (the nickname for Donald Reagan, 40th president of the USA).”

10. What the Hell

Avril was born with the vocal ability. As usual, this song is quite catchy and funny. After your “what a day”, listening to this song will be your best option. Surely enough, you will regain your good mood after the abreaction.

Till Now

We have finished the introduction of all top 10 on Avril Lavigne songs list.

With her vibrant distinctive personality and innocent charm, Avril Lavigne songs are going to be increasingly desirable.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast our “Pop Punk Queen” a more promising future.

As you know, Avril hasn’t launched any new song for some time.

But here is a big news!

Avril Lavigne is planning her big comeback and promising a new album in 2017.

Let’s look forward to it together!

If you have any question &suggestion or want to share more Avril Lavigne songs to us, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you!

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