Fix Audio Renderer Error YouTube (Actionable Methods)

By Ivy Ross | Last updated: May 27, 2020

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AnyUTube - Best YouTube downloader

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Audio Renderer Error YouTube

YouTube is an excellent video-sharing platform.

A lot of music, HD movies, and trending news can be found there.

Usually, you get used to watching YouTube videos with friends.

One day, however, when you opened a YouTube video and only read the message: Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.

It is annoying, right?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one.

Here are a few ways on how to fix audio renderer error YouTube. In case of failing to watch YouTube videos in browsers, a good app is provided for you to watch YouTube offline.

Part 1. 5 Methods to Fix Audio Renderer Error on YouTube

Some users report that the message Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer pops up when they try to play YouTube videos.

According to the investigation, several factors will trigger this error message.

a) Audio driver glitch

b) A conflict between Windows Sound drivers and ASIO driver.

How do I fix the audio renderer error on YouTube?

Below are five methods to fix audio renderer error on YouTube; you can test them individually.

Method 1. Check your headphones.

It seems stupid, but sometimes the System fails to detect headphones accurately. So if you come across this issue, try to unplugged the headphones and plugged them back in.

Lots of users have proved it’s workable.

Method 2. Restart computer.

Lots of people will do as guided when they encounter with “YouTube Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.” And it works for some users. If this error no longer appears after restarting, you don’t need to try other methods.

Method 3. Run the Audio Troubleshooter.

The Windows build-in Audio troubleshooter could help to fix some audio-related problems.

The steps are as below:

  • Right-click the Start menu and choose Setting from the list.
  • On the Setting window, choose System.
  • Then locate the Sound item, and you will see a gray Troubleshoot section. Click on Troubleshoot.
  • Choose the device that relates to the audio renderer error. Click Next.

If there is an audio issue detected, the Audio Troubleshooter will fix it automatically. You can restart your computer and check if the problem fixed.

Method 4. Restart the Audio Device.

Disable and re-enable the audio device will help to remove the audio renderer error as well.

  • Search Device Manager on windows Run bar.
  • Find and expand Sound, video, and game controllers. Right-click on every audio adapter in there and choose Disable device with right-click.
  • Wait for a few seconds. Then right-click every audio adapter and choose Enable device.

Method 5. Specific fix for ASIO driver.

If the error only appears while Cubase is open, then the most likely problem is the difference between sample rates. To synchronize them, do the following:

  • Right-click on the Speakers icon in the bottom-right of your screen, choose Sounds.
  • Go to the Playback tab, click on the desired audio device, and then move to Proprieties.
  • In Proprieties, go to Advanced tab, and under Default Format, choose your preferred sample rate.
  • Now, open your ASIO driver settings and go to the Audio tab.
  • Under the Sample rate, set the same sample rate that you choose in Speakers Proprieties at step 3.
  • Restart your PC.

Above is all the method to deal with audio render error on YouTube.

Just in case this error occurs again, why not download YouTube videos to watch offline? You will never meet such a mistake with downloaded videos.

Part 2. A Good Method to Avoid Audio Renderer Error YouTube

Now that audio renderer error YouTube occurs without expectation, what should we do to avoid it?

The best way is to download YouTube videos and watch offline.

AnyUTube is designed to download YouTube videos and convert YouTube videos to MP3. You can not only go through YouTube videos via the built-in browser but also download videos directly. Besides, AnyUTube is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

Before we start, you need to download AnyUTube first.


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Now let’s start!

  • Click any item on the Home Page to visit the YouTube website directly.Visit YouTube website
  • Go through the videos and download anything you’re interested in by clicking the Download icon in the bottom right of your screen.Select you preferred YouTube video
  • Choose the desired quality and start the download. Both video and audio formats are available for download.Choose desired format and quality of YouTube video
  • Click the arrow-down icon in the upper right of your screen, and you can check the downloading schedule. All the downloaded videos and audios will be kept in the Library.Download YouTube video for free

Tips: you can also search the video via a video name or paste the URL on the search bar.

  • Enter the video name or paste the URL on the search bar and start searching.Search YouTube video
  • Select a desired format and quality and start downloading.Download YouTube video for free
  • Find downloaded videos in the Library.Navigate downloaded YouTube video to watch offline

The steps are easy, right?

AnyUTube is a powerful app to download YouTube videos for free. Its user-friendly interface and simplified download process worth a shot!


All-in-one YouTube downloader & converter

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  • for Mac OS X 14+
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Above, we have offered five valid methods to fix audio renderer error YouTube. You can have a try.

By the way, to get the best viewing experience, you can download YouTube videos to watch offline. It is helpful to avoid such errors and save your time as well. After all, no ads will pop up in downloaded YouTube videos.

AnyUTube is such an effective app to watch YouTube videos online as well as download YouTube videos for offline watching.

Give it a shot!

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