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YouTube to iTunes Converter – Get Songs from YouTube to iTunes

By Dale Moore | Last updated: Apr 29, 2019

As an owner of the iPhone or other Apple products, you may prefer to listen to music and manage files on iTunes.

There are a bunch of YouTube song downloaders that enables you to download YouTube songs, but most of them do not support an automatic saving on iTunes.

AnyUTube is a YouTube to iTunes converter that is easy to convert YouTube songs and save the songs to iTunes.

To begin with, make sure you’ve installed AnyUTube on your Mac.

Part 1 How to download YouTube songs

Firstly, enter a keyword about the YouTube song. For example, enter “Someone Like You” to the search box, and videos that contain the keyword will show up in the search result.

 Some Like You on YouTube

Alternatively, you can paste the URL of the YouTube song, playlist, and channel to search bar.

 Taylor Swift YouTube playlist

Secondly, convert the song to MP3. Choose the video you need, click “MP3” to convert the video to MP3. You can find the WebM and M4A formats, as well as other quality options for MP3, in the “More” button.

 Someone Like You

An impressive feature of AnyUTube is that you can batch download an entire playlist in one go.

Paste the URL of the YouTube playlist. Click “All” and “MP3” at the bottom. You will convert the songs to MP3 of the highest quality.

 Batch download YouTube playlist

Part 2 How to get songs from YouTube to iTunes

You’ve got the right tool. AnyUTube is the YouTube to MP3 iTunes converter.

Before you set the download path, the downloaded files are automatically saved in the Music>AnyUTube on your Mac.

Go to the Library – Music of AnyUTube, click “Open Saved Directory”. For instance, choose Hello and Someone Like You, right click on the two songs to copy.

  AnyUTube saved folder

Go back one directory up. Follow the directory path: iTunes>iTunes Media>Automatically Add to iTunes. Right click to paste the two songs to the folder Automatically Add to iTunes.

 Automatically Add to iTunes

Launch iTunes and check the Library, you will find the newly added songs. Click the “Play” button to enjoy the songs.

 iTunes library

From the above guides on how to convert YouTube to iTunes, you can see that AnyUTube only requires a few easy steps to convert YouTube music to iTunes.

Alternatively, you can set iTunes as the preferred directory, and all the songs you will download will be saved to iTunes automatically.

Go to the Library – Music. Click “Change Saved Directory”, and you will be directed to the local file. Follow the directory path: iTunes>iTunes Media>Automatically Add to iTunes. Click “Select Folder”. It’s done.

As a YouTube to iTunes converter, AnyUTube is also compatible with Windows computer and Android device. All the versions solve the problem of how to download music from YouTube to iTunes Library.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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