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Best SaveFrom.net Alternative to Save from YouTube

Last updated: Aug 06, 2019
Try to save from YouTube:
savefromnet alternative

SaveFrom.net, usually regarded as SaveFrom, en SaveFrom net, or en SaveFrom on search engines, is a sought-after downloader service.

Today, I’m going to talk about an easier but better SaveFrom.net alternative – the online Free YouTube Downloader and its app AnyUTube.

The table below helps you understand the differences between SaveFrom.net and its alternative. Take a look.

SaveFrom.net Free YouTube Downloader
Online Online or browser add-on Browser-based online tool
User-friendly Poor Good
Batch download No Yes
Keyword search No Yes
App Ummy for Win/Mac;
App for Android
for Win/Mac/Android

In this article, I will run you through the ways the SaveFrom.net alternative is superior.

Hear me out.

Online Alternative to SaveFrom.net

Let’s come straight to the point. I just want to share with you what I’ve experienced.

At first, I used SaveFrom.net and it took me pains to download.

As URL is the only way to search, I pasted the URL of the YouTube video to SaveFrom.net, but there’s no search result. Instead, I was recommended to install the app to get the YouTube video.

search for YouTube videos on SaveFrom.net

I didn’t give it up and tried it with another video link. I did it.

 search for YouTube music on SaveFrom.net

Disappointingly, the button was inactive. When I clicked on the grey Download button, I was directed to the ad section asking me to install Televzr, a video app.

 ad section on SaveFrom.net

Scrolling a bit down I found the same ad again. Underneath the ad was the inconspicuous reminder, which read “if you’re okay with slower download speed and limitations on file formats, feel free to download a video in browser”.

 popup ad on SaveFrom.net

Then I clicked on “Download video in browser”. The search result showed up and the Download button became active.

 search result on SaveFrom.net

To check the video, I clicked on the Play button on the thumbnail, but the preview failed because the format was not supported, or the server failed.

 server or network failed

So, I closed the popup to skip the preview, and clicked on the Download button. Finally, I got the video in MP4 (360p) after twists and turns.

This means that the search and preview are not stable on en.savefrom.net, and recommendations are annoying.

Then, I installed its add-on – SaveFrom.net Helper for my Chrome. After all was ready, I opened the video link on YouTube. Sure, a green download button appeared underneath the video.

 watch the music video on YouTube

When I clicked on the dropdown list, I found that I can download the YouTube video in Opus and AAC audio formats, as well as video without audio. But I found that the 2nd and 3rd item was a recommendation. In other words, if you want to download YouTube to MP3 or in 1080p, you have to install the app – Ummy, which is compatible with Windows and Mac.

 options to download videos

This is all about SaveFrom online. Fortunately, my experience in the online SaveFrom.net alternative was much easier.

I inserted the same URL to the search box, and the result was there. I can preview the video by clicking on the thumbnail.

 search for music on Free YouTube Downloader

Hit the Download button, and there were some format and quality options. I can download the video to MP4, MP3, WebM, or M4A for free.

 download video or audio from YouTube

SaveFrom Alternative App to Batch Download YouTube Videos

Hope you’ve got how to use SaveFrom.net to download YouTube videos.

In this part, I will focus on how to batch download YouTube videos on AnyUTube. This is a paid service that enables you to download high-definition videos and YouTube playlist.

YouTube ripper app

 Download for win  Download for mac  Download for android

Now let me show you how to download multiple YouTube videos in batch on my Windows computer.

I typed “Maroon 5” in the search box and clicked on the Search icon. Tick “All” to choose all the tracks shown on that page. The default number of results shown on the page is 10. If you need more results, click on More at the bottom of the results list to load more tracks. Then I clicked on the MP4 button to download the tracks in batch. You can also choose MP3 to get MP3 files. By the way, there are 3 quality options hidden in the drop-down list, including High, Medium and Low.

batch download YouTube videos

How about downloading a YouTube playlist? It’s insanely easy. Paste the URL of the YouTube playlist, and all the tracks in the playlist will show up in the results. You can choose a single track, several tracks, or all of them. For example, I ticked “All” and chose MP4 for the MP4 files. To exclude some tracks, simply uncheck the items.

batch download YouTube playlist

The same, if you want to download a single track from the playlist, click on the MP4 button. You can also download videos 1080p or higher definition in the More Menu. The definition depends on the source video.

Download YouTube videos 1080p

Not least, the Discover section is a built-in platform to visit YouTube. That means you can visit YouTube within the app. Have a try.

Discover section of AnyUTube

I bet you’re clear about the pros and cons of SaveFrom.net online and its alternative.

If you’ve used the SaveFrom.net app before, give AnyUTube a go.

If you've never used these, try them both!

Don’t forget to share with us the better one you think.

Luna Davies has been a technology writer for the last seven years, which covers mobile, Internet service, social media, and the good and bad of tech.

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