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5 Secrets You Should Know About How to Download from YouTube

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 22, 2019

The popularity of YouTube boosts the need for YouTube download tools. If you are zealous to seek for various YouTube downloaders, you might have known AnyUTube more or less.

As a user-friendly YouTube downloader, AnyUTube makes download convenient with its fast download speed, safe download, and multiple formats. Its 2-step simple download procedures will impress you.

Now let’s get started on how to download from YouTube with AnyUTube.

Step 1 Search

It supports both keywords search and URL search.

Example 1:

Enter the keyword “Fendiman”, and tap on the red Search icon. The result list will show all the related videos.

1 Search results by entering the keyword “Fendiman”

Example 2:

Paste the link of “No Frauds” in the search bar, hit the search button. Then the video of the link will come out.

The search result by entering the link of “No Frauds”

Step 2 Download

Select a format and click on it to download instantly. You can either choose the MP3 format for audio or enjoy the video version by tapping on the MP4 button. For instance: Click on the MP4 format and the download will start automatically.

Download the video of “No Frauds” by hitting MP4 icon

You have already known how easy AnyUTube is, but there are some other functions and features probably beyond your mind.

Now, I will disclose the 5 secrets you may not know.

#1. Preview

Before starting your download task, you can preview the video you are going to download.

For instance:

Search videos of “Grammy”. If the first video needs to be previewed, you can click on the Play icon in the middle of the video cover. Then you can watch that video instantly.

Preview videos related to “Grammy” by touching the Play button

In preview mode, you can control the Play/Pause button, the volume and even enjoy it on a full screen.

Adjust volume and screen size in watching mode

#2. Subtitles download

Besides the video itself, you are also allowed to download the subtitles at the same time.

For instance:

Type in “Ted” in the search bar, and related videos will show up. Hit the More icon, you can see the item Subtitles on the page. Tick in the square grid at the left of Subtitles, and click on the drop-down arrow. Then all the supported languages will come out. Select the one you want and click MP3 or MP4 below to start the download task.

Language options for subtitles on the More menu

#3. Batch download

If you are attracted by several videos, AnyUTube enables you to download them all together in one shot. Here are the procedures for you.

For instance:

Select the first three videos of Grammy by ticking the small circle at the upper left corner of the video cover. Then choose MP4 format to start the download task.

Batch download 3 videos related to “Grammy”

#4. HD download

Most of you want an HD video. However, not all video downloaders provide a feature like this. In AnyUTube you can nevertheless enjoy 1080p HD videos as you like.

For instance:

Tap on the More icon, all supported formats and quality options will come out. As you can see, all the HD quality options are marked clearly with a red HD tag. You can choose the one you want.

HD quality options on the More menu


AnyUTube also meets your need to convert videos to MP3. Go to the Convert interface, and you are required to add files to convert.

For instance:

Add the downloaded video “Fendiman”, and click on the Convert button.

Add the downloaded video “Fendiman”

After hitting the Convert button, you will see two options - you can select either Video or Audio you want to convert to.

If you are going to convert it to audio, tap on the Audio icon and select one of the supported formats and quality options hidden on the drop-down menu.

For videos, you are provided with multiple formats and quality options to convert as well.

It is also available to set the Start Time and End Time to cut a clip off the video. Then start your conversion by hitting the Start button.

Formats, quality options, and duration to convert to audio

These 5 tips can help you get a deeper understanding of how to download videos from YouTube.

Don’t hesitate to share your comments later.

It is also available on Android.

So, it’s time to roll your sleeves up. Have a try!

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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