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Customize Your Personalized Calendar by One Collage Creator

Personalized Calendar

Summary of this article: If you are one of those people who remain the habit of using calendars to note down daily routines, then congrats, we’ll talk about to customize the unique calendar which is designed by your own ideas as well as with your own photos. This gorgeous collage creator we’re about to introduce in this article, will be great help.

To be frank with you, I’m not 100% sure that everyone likes using papery calendar due to the popularity of internet world. But I could say that most of people still rely on tools for records and reminders. Needless to say the smart cell phones, you will find as many as online office supplies to assist accomplishing work efficiently and fast. For myself, I still use calendar as one necessity to make short notes of time and events. (Maybe I underestimate this group of people who remain the same habit like me, whatever) I ever tried several online calendars and the one famous is developed by Google – and I have to admit it just as professional as they promised. But another truth is that I only will open it while I’m using the computer which is connected to internet. It’s the case of choosing tools which are powerful indeed but less applicable anywhere.

I like using papery calendar as I will write down what I suddenly recall. But I seldom find pretty ones in the supermarket or in the stationer shop due to the reason that few people adopt papery tools currently. This bothers me for quite a while until one day I suddenly realize that I could create one by myself. I can design the style by putting all my favorite elements together. After I made enough investigations of such tools via internet, I chose one collage creator at last.

This collage editor software is called Photo Collage Maker, developed by AmoyShare. Though I strongly questioned that whether marketing people of this company made a wisdom decision to position this tool as one photo collage editor, this is absolutely a powerful tool whether as a collage photo editor or a stylish-design template provider. Because you can find amounts of templates for any kind of needs. Such as poster, calendar, green card, etc. All I need is to input the photos to this picture editor collage software, and it will lend a hand to complete the hardest part. Thanks to it, I could easily make up my own calendar and print it as last.

Now I’ll let you know step by step what I do to create this calendar. Just like I said, it is only a series of click works. This easy-to-use photo editor and collage tool will handle the art part for you.

  • Step 1: Download Collage Program from below links and open Photo Collage Maker on your computer. Before that, make sure that you got the photos which you’re going to deal with already.
  • Download Trial
    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
    Download Trial
    Green Software with NO Plug-ins.

  • Step 2: Our collage creator will ask you whether you want to create the blank collage, or choose from the existed templates (there are many references inside software’s resource library). Because we’re going to design a calendar, which already exists in the library, then click Create from template.
  • photo-collage-maker-for-win-guide-step1b

  • Step 3: On the left side listed as many as beautiful templates for a selection. Each category is with the display patterns, you can choose the favorite one according to the images shown on the right. There are many preset templates to choose from, which you can browse. Additionally, if you don’t like any of them, then choose to create your own template from a blank. Here I chose Calendar.
  • create-photo-calendar-step3

  • Step 4: Now all you have to do is to drop the chosen photos or the entire photo folder you want to use to your customized calendar. Add them to Photo Collage Maker. Remember photos with bright colors and clearly defined shapes work are the best.
  • create-photo-calendar-step4

  • Step 5: Create your collage. This is the most interesting part because you will create whatever you want. Any photos you selected will automatically appear on the calendar, and you can adjust their location, size, tilt, etc. to get it just how you’d like. In this window, you can also save it or send it as an email.
  • create-photo-calendar-step5

  • Step 6: Edit your photos further, if desired. You can replace photos, crop or add frames and masks, add decorations, adjust text elements (change font, size, color, etc.), and more. The sky’s the limit!
  • create-photo-calendar-step6

  • Step 7: Save you calendar as an image. You can also share it with someone else by email!
  • create-photo-calendar-step7

It’s a wonderful feeling to create a collage in your own home on your computer. Don’t let your precious memories sit on a hard drive where no one can see them—try out Photo Collage Maker for free to make beautiful collages today!


Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
Download Trial
Green Software with NO Plug-ins.
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